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Angular file uploader is an Angular 2/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13 + file uploader module with Real-Time Progress Bar, Responsive design, Angular Universal Compatibility, localization and multiple themes which includes Drag and Drop and much more.



npm i angular-file-uploader


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Video Guide

Youtube | Angular File Uploader


  • Bootstrap.min.css is required. Include
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
    in your index.html.
  • Import AngularFileUploaderModule inside your app.module.ts
    import { AngularFileUploaderModule } from "angular-file-uploader";
      imports: [
Example-1 ( with minimal configuration )
afuConfig = {
    uploadAPI: {
Example-2 ( with all available configuration )
afuConfig = {
    multiple: false,
    formatsAllowed: ".jpg,.png",
    maxSize: "1",
    uploadAPI:  {
      headers: {
     "Content-Type" : "text/plain;charset=UTF-8",
     "Authorization" : `Bearer ${token}`
      params: {
        'page': '1'
      responseType: 'blob',
      withCredentials: false,
    theme: "dragNDrop",
    hideProgressBar: true,
    hideResetBtn: true,
    hideSelectBtn: true,
    hideSelectBtn: true,
    fileNameIndex: true,
    autoUpload: false,
    replaceTexts: {
      selectFileBtn: 'Select Files',
      resetBtn: 'Reset',
      uploadBtn: 'Upload',
      dragNDropBox: 'Drag N Drop',
      attachPinBtn: 'Attach Files...',
      afterUploadMsg_success: 'Successfully Uploaded !',
      afterUploadMsg_error: 'Upload Failed !',
      sizeLimit: 'Size Limit'
Properties Description Default Value
config : object It's a javascript object. Use this to add custom constraints to the module. All available key-value pairs are given in example 2.For detailed decription refer the table below. {}
fileSelected:EventEmitter It will return the standard html onchange/drop event when the file is selected/dropped. Assign one custom function ,for example " fileSelected($event) " here, to catch the event.
ApiResponse:EventEmitter It will return the response it gets back from the uploadAPI. Assign one custom function ,for example " docUpload($event) " here, where " $event " will contain the response from the api.
resetUpload : boolean Give it's value as " true " whenever you want to clear the list of uploads being displayed. It's better to assign one boolean variable ('resetVar' here)to it and then change that variable's value. Remember to change 'resetVar' value 'true' to 'false' after every reset. false
[config] Description Default Value
multiple : boolean Set it as " true " for uploading multiple files at a time and as " false " for single file at a time. false
formatsAllowed : string Specify the formats of file you want to upload (ex: '.jpg,.png' for jpg and png), you can also specify formats like 'image/*' for all images, 'video/*' for videos , 'audio/*' for all audios and '*' for everything, '*'
maxSize : number Maximum size limit for files in MB. 20 MB
uploadAPI.url : string Complete api url to which you want to upload. undefined
uploadAPI.method : string HTTP method to use for upload. POST
uploadAPI.headers : {} Provide headers in HttpClient Options here. {}
uploadAPI.params : {} Provide params in HttpClient Options here. {}
uploadAPI.responseType : string Provide responseType in HttpClient Options here. 'json'
uploadAPI.withCredentials : boolean Provide withCredentials in HttpClient Options here. false
theme : string Specify the theme name you want to apply. Available Themes: ' dragNDrop ', ' attachPin ' If no theme or wrong theme is specified, default theme will be used instead.
hideProgressBar:boolean Set it as " true " to hide the Progress bar. false
hideResetBtn:boolean Set it as " true " to hide the 'Reset' Button. false
hideSelectBtn:boolean Set it as " true " to hide the 'Select File' Button. false
fileNameIndex:boolean Set it as " false " to get the same file name as 'file' instead of 'file1', 'file2'.... in formdata object. true
autoUpload:boolean Set it as "true" to upload the files directly after files are selected without the need of Upload Button. false
replaceTexts:object Replace default texts with your own custom texts. refer to example-2

A Better Way to reset the module

You have seen that by using 'resetUpload' property, you can reset the module easily, however if you need to reset more than one time, there's a better way of doing that( bcoz in 'resetUpload' property, you have to make it as false in order to use it again):-

<angular-file-uploader #fileUpload1
  • Assign one local reference variable (here 'fileUpload1') to the component.
  • Now use this local reference variable in your xyz.component.ts file.
        private fileUpload1:  AngularFileUploaderComponent;
    • Remember to import ViewChild and AngularFileUploaderComponent properly in your component.
        import { ViewChild } from '@angular/core';
        import { AngularFileUploaderComponent } from "angular-file-uploader";
  • That's it.....all done, now just use
    to reset the module hassle-free anytime.


Following classes are available for customisation :
Include them in your global css class (src/styles.css)
Use '!important' if something doesn't works
  • .afu-select-btn {}
  • .afu-reset-btn {}
  • .afu-upload-btn {}
  • .afu-dragndrop-box {}
  • .afu-dragndrop-text {}
  • .afu-constraints-info {}
  • .afu-valid-file {}
  • .afu-invalid-file {}
  • .afu-progress-bar {}
  • .afu-upload-status {}
  • .afu-attach-pin {}

Points to note:

  • Files are uploaded in FormData format.

Coming Soon:

  • More themes.
  • More customization options.

For Versions < 6.x : Click Here !

For Versions < 5.x : Click Here !

For Versions =< 4.0.12 :

  • Replace AngularFileUploaderModule and AngularFileUploaderComponent with FileUploadModule and FileUploadComponent respectively.

For Versions < 2.x : Click Here !

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