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Avoid bloating your templates with repetitive form html.
Instead, just specify a schema for the form and the model you want to bind it to and you're done!

Check out a demo & documentation



install-package AngularJs.AutoFields.Bootstrap


<script type="text/javascript" src="js/autofields.js"></script>
<!-- with bootstrap -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/autofields-bootstrap.js"></script>


  1. If you're doing this manually and using bootstrap, be sure to install Angular-UI Bootstrap for date popover support
  2. Include the autofields.js script provided by this component into your app. If you are using bootstrap, also include autofields-bootstrap.js
  3. add autofields as a module dependency to your app


.controller('JoinCtrl', ['$scope', function ($scope) {
	$scope.user = {
		username: '',
		password: '',
		confirmPassword: '',

	$scope.schema = [
		{ property: 'username', type: 'text', attr: { ngMinlength: 4, required: true }, msgs: {minlength: 'Needs to have at least 4 characters'} },
		{ property: 'password', type: 'password', attr: { required: true } },
		{ property: 'confirmPassword', label: 'Confirm Password', type: 'password', attr: { confirmPassword: 'user.password', required: true } }

	$scope.join = function(){
		if(!$scope.joinForm.$valid) return;
		//join stuff....


 <form name="joinForm" ng-submit="join()">
    <auto:fields fields="schema" data="user"></auto:fields>
    <button type="submit" class="btn btn-default btn-lg btn-block" ng-class="{'btn-primary':joinForm.$valid}">Join</button>

Field Schema

  • property the data property to bind to
  • type the type of field. Options include: checkbox, date, select, textarea, any text variation (ie. password, text, email, number)
  • label the label for the field. If no label is provided it will convert the property name to title case. If you don't want a label, set it's value to ''
  • placeholder the placeholder for the field. If no placeholder is provided it will use the label. If you don't want a placeholder, set it's value to ''
  • help a block of help or description text to be displayed beneath the field
  • attr any additional attributes you would like to have on the object. Camelcase is converted to dash notation. Validation properties can go here.
  • list the string that goes into ng-options for select fields
  • rows number of textarea rows (default: 3)
  • columns number of sm columns a field should span if the type is multiple. If this is applied at the same level as the multiple type, it will apply it to all of it's fields.
  • msgs validation messages for corresponding validation properties on the field
  • validate enable/disable validation for the field (default: true)
  • addons array of addon objects to be included with the input
    • button is a button (default: false)
    • icon class string for an icon to include, empty or null implies no icon
    • content string to be placed in the addon
    • before prepend the addon (default: false)



  • classes object with an array of classes for each element of a field group: container, input, label
  • attributes object with default attribute-value pairs for each element of a field group: container, input, label
  • displayAttributes array of attributes that affect field display
  • container the html for the div the will hold the fields
  • textareaRows the default amount of rows for a textarea (3)
  • fixUrl whether or not url type fields should have http:// auto added (true)

With Validation

  • validation settings for validation
    • enabled enabled/disable validation (enabled by default)
    • showMessages enabled/disable validation messages (enabled by default)
    • defaultMsgs default validation messages when none is specified in the field schema

####With Bootstrap

  • classes adds 8 new element class arrays: row, col, colOffset, helpBlock, inputGroup, inputGroupAddon, inputGroupAddonButton, button
  • layout layout options for the fields
    • type form type: basic | horizontal
    • labelSize how many columns a label should span
    • inputSize how many columns an input should span
  • defaultOption the text for the default select option (Select One)
  • dateSettings settings for the date fields (see angular-ui-bootstrap's date picker)
  • datepickerOptions settings for the date picker (see angular-ui-bootstrap's date picker)


AutoFields is now highly extensible allowing developer to easily add new field types and field properties.

Adding New Field Types

$autofieldsProvider.registerHandler(types, handler)

  • types a string or array of strings with field types that will be used to map to the handler
  • handler a function that will be called by AutoFields to create the fields html. AutoFields will pass directive, field, and field index
  • directive directive properties, options, and elements:
    • container the autofields container element
    • options the options for the directive
  • field the field schema currently being processed
  • index the index of the field in the field schema array


module('autofields.checkbox', ['autofields.core'])
.config(['$autofieldsProvider', function($autofieldsProvider){
	// Checkbox Field Handler
	$autofieldsProvider.registerHandler('checkbox', function(directive, field, index){
		var fieldElements = $autofieldsProvider.field(directive, field, '&lt;input/&gt;');

		if(fieldElements.label) fieldElements.label.prepend(fieldElements.input);

		return fieldElements.fieldContainer;

Adding New Field Properties

$autofieldsProvider.registerMutator(key, mutator, options)

  • key something the mutator can be referenced by in require & override requests
  • mutator called by autofields after the creation of a field element
    • directive
      • container the autofields container element
      • options the options for the directive
    • field the field schema currently being processed
    • fieldElements an object containing:
      • fieldContainer the container element for the field's label and input
      • label the label element
      • input the input element
      • validation whether or not to include validation requires validation
      • msgs an array of possible error messages requires validation
      • validMsg a field's valid message requires validation


module('autofields.helpblock', ['autofields.core'])
.config(['$autofieldsProvider', function($autofieldsProvider){
	// Help Block Propert Support
	$autofieldsProvider.registerMutator('helpBlock', function(directive, field, fieldElements){
		if(! return fieldElements;
		fieldElements.helpBlock = angular.element('&lt;p/&gt;');
		fieldElements.helpBlock.addClass(directive.options.classes.helpBlock.join(' '))

		return fieldElements;


  • It shares the scope of it's parent so that it can access the data on the scope
  • To make it work on IE8, just add a polyfill for Array.isArray()




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