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    Angular-Animations Utility Library

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    Easy, Reusable Animation Utility library for Angular Apps.

    Angular Animations utility library is a collection of reusable and parametrized animations build for Angular 4.4.6+ that can be used in a declarative manner. It implements all animations from animate.css (and more). Works both with AOT and JIT compilations.

    Quick links

    Demo | StackBlitz Demo | StackBlitz Base Template

    Table of Contents

    Getting Started


    Make sure you import BrowserAnimationModule in your angular app.

     npm i @angular/animations@latest --save

    Import BrowserAnimationsModule from @angular/platform-browser/animations in your root NgModule

    import { BrowserAnimationsModule } from '@angular/platform-browser/animations';
      declarations: [
      imports: [
    export class AppModule { }


     npm i angular-animations --save


    Animations on enter / on leave

    Animations on enter / on leave are triggered in a moment when element is added to or removed from the dom. Basic example would be with *ngIf template directive.

    Import animation functions that you want to use and add them to animations in a component decorator:

    import { fadeInOnEnterAnimation, fadeOutOnLeaveAnimation } from 'angular-animations';
      selector: '...',
      templateUrl: '...',
      styleUrls: ['...'],
      animations: [

    and use them in the template:

    <div *ngIf="CONDITION" [@fadeInOnEnter] [@fadeOutOnLeave]></div>

    Animations with state or triggered by state changes

    These animations take as an input a boolean value. Some animations, like Attention Seekers are triggered depending on the direction parameter; bidirectional (<=>) will be triggered by any state change, unidirectional (=>) will be triggered only when state changes from false to true.

    All in and out animations are triggered by changes of state from false to true. Animations that preserve state, like collapse or rotate display default state when the value is false and transition to end state when the value is true

    import { collapseAnimation, rubberBandAnimation } from 'angular-animations';
    <div [@rubberBand]="rubberState"></div>
    <div [@collapse]="collapseState"></div>

    Parametrized animations

    All animations are open for customizations. All of them have parameters: duration and delay, and if it make sense for an animation, additional ones: translate, degrees or scale.

    Parameters can be used either in a component decorator or dynamically in a template.

    In a decorator:

        fadeInUpOnEnterAnimation({ anchor: 'enter', duration: 1000, delay: 100, translate: '30px' }),
        bounceOutDownOnLeaveAnimation({ anchor: 'leave', duration: 500, delay: 200, translate: '40px' })
    <div *ngIf="CONDITION" [@enter] [@leave]></div>

    Animations like Attention Seekers can take a direction parameter (cannot be in template)

        // triggers when STATE changes from false to true
        rubberBandAnimation({anchor: 'rubber', direction: '=>', duration: 500})
    <div [@rubber]="STATE"></div>

    In a template (providing option for dynamic changes):

        fadeInUpOnEnterAnimation({ anchor: 'enter'),
    <div *ngIf="CONDITION" [@enter]="{ value: '', params: { duration: 300, delay: 0, translate: '30px' } }" [@leave]></div>
    <div *ngIf="CONDITION" [@enter]="{ value: '', params: { duration: 300, delay: 100, translate: '40px } }" [@leave]></div>

    With parameters in a template, we can for example achieve staggering animations:

    <div *ngFor="let i of [1,2,3]" [@enter]="{ value: '', params: { delay: i * 100 } }"></div>

    Animation Callbacks

    Each animation supports start and done callbacks to setup hook methods that get called at the start or end of animations. We can add callbacks with the syntax (@trigger.start) or (@trigger.done), where trigger is the name of the animation trigger/anchor being used.

    <div [@fadeIn]="animationState" (@fadeIn.start)="animStart($event)" (@fadeIn.done)="animDone($event)"></div>

    The callbacks receive an AnimationEvent that contains the following properties: fromState phaseName("start" or "done"), toState and totalTime

    import { AnimationEvent } from '@angular/animations';
    animStart(eventAnimationEvent) {
      console.log('Animation Started', event);
    animDone(eventAnimationEvent) {
      console.log('Animation Ended', event);

    You can find more information about Animation callbacks in the Angular docs

    Loop animation

    You can achieve looped animation by using done callback. Define a variable that triggers animation and toggle it when animation done callback is called:

    <div [@bounce]="animState" (@bounce.done)="animDone()"></div>

    and in the component:

      animState = false;
      animDone() {
        this.animState = !this.animState

    Example: simple infinite loop animation
    Example: repeat animation N times after clicking the button
    Example: repeat animation until certain event occurs

    Chain animations

    You can chain animations (e.g. wait for the first animation to finish before the second one starts) by using the done callback. Example: OnEnter/OnLeave chained animations

    Available Animations and Parameters

    All animations have duration and delay params.

    Animation Default Anchor OnEnter/OnLeave Additional Params
    Attention Seekers
    bounce [@bounce] [@bounceOnEnter]
    flash [@flash] [@flashOnEnter]
    pulse [@pulse] [@pulseOnEnter] scale (default: 1.05)
    rubberBand [@rubberBand] [@rubberBandOnEnter]
    shake [@shake] [@shakeOnEnter] translate (default: '10px')
    swing [@swing] [@swingOnEnter]
    tada [@tada] [@tadaOnEnter]
    wobble [@wobble] [@wobbleOnEnter]
    jello [@jello] [@jelloOnEnter]
    heartBeat [@heartBeat] [@heartBeatOnEnter] scale (default: 1.3)
    headShake [@headShake] [@headShakeOnEnter]
    Bouncing entrances
    bounceIn [@bounceIn] [@bounceInOnEnter]
    bounceInDown [@bounceInDown] [@bounceInDownOnEnter] translate (default: '3000px')
    bounceInLeft [@bounceInLeft] [@bounceInLeftOnEnter] translate (default: '3000px')
    bounceInRight [@bounceInRight] [@bounceInRightOnEnter] translate (default: '3000px')
    bounceInUp [@bounceInUp] [@bounceInUpOnEnter] translate (default: '3000px')
    Bouncing exits
    bounceOut [@bounceOut] [@bounceOutOnLeave]
    bounceOutDown [@bounceOutDown] [@bounceOutDownOnLeave] translate (default: '2000px')
    bounceOutLeft [@bounceOutLeft] [@bounceOutLeftOnLeave] translate (default: '2000px')
    bounceOutRight [@bounceOutRight] [@bounceOutRightOnLeave] translate (default: '2000px')
    bounceOutUp [@bounceOutUp] [@bounceOutUpOnLeave] translate (default: '2000px')
    Fading entrances
    fadeIn [@fadeIn] [@fadeInOnEnter]
    fadeInDown [@fadeInDown] [@fadeInDownOnEnter] translate (default: '100%')
    fadeInDownBig [@fadeInDownBig] [@fadeInDownBigOnEnter] translate (default: '2000px')
    fadeInLeft [@fadeInLeft] [@fadeInLeftOnEnter] translate (default: '100%')
    fadeInLeftBig [@fadeInLeftBig] [@fadeInLeftBigOnEnter] translate (default: '2000px')
    fadeInRight [@fadeInRight] [@fadeInRightOnEnter] translate (default: '100%')
    fadeInRightBig [@fadeInRightBig] [@fadeInRightBigOnEnter] translate (default: '2000px')
    fadeInUp [@fadeInUp] [@fadeInUpOnEnter] translate (default: '100%')
    fadeInUpBig [@fadeInUpBig] [@fadeInUpBigOnEnter] translate (default: '2000px')
    Fading exits
    fadeOut [@fadeOut] [@fadeOutOnLeave]
    fadeOutDown [@fadeOutDown] [@fadeOutDownOnLeave] translate (default: '100%')
    fadeOutDownBig [@fadeOutDownBig] [@fadeOutDownBigOnLeave] translate (default: '2000px')
    fadeOutLeft [@fadeOutLeft] [@fadeOutLeftOnLeave] translate (default: '100%')
    fadeOutLeftBig [@fadeOutLeftBig] [@fadeOutLeftBigOnLeave] translate (default: '2000px')
    fadeOutRight [@fadeOutRight] [@fadeOutRightOnLeave] translate (default: '100%')
    fadeOutRightBig [@fadeOutRightBig] [@fadeOutRightBigOnLeave] translate (default: '2000px')
    fadeOutUp [@fadeOutUp] [@fadeOutUpOnLeave] translate (default: '100%')
    fadeOutUpBig [@fadeOutUpBig] [@fadeOutUpBigOnLeave] translate (default: '2000px')
    flip [@flip] [@flipOnEnter]
    flipInX [@flipInX] [@flipInXOnEnter] degrees (default: 90)
    flipInY [@flipInY] [@flipInYOnEnter] degrees (default: 90)
    flipOutX [@flipOutX] [@flipOutXOnLeave] degrees (default: 90)
    flipOutY [@flipOutY] [@flipOutYOnLeave] degrees (default: 90)
    Light speed
    lightSpeedIn [@lightSpeedIn] [@lightSpeedInOnEnter] translate (default: '100%')
    lightSpeedOut [@lightSpeedOut] [@lightSpeedOutOnLeave] translate (default: '100%')
    Rotating entrances
    rotateIn [@rotateIn] [@rotateInOnEnter] degrees (default: -200)
    rotateInDownLeft [@rotateInDownLeft] [@rotateInDownLeftOnEnter] degrees (default: -45)
    rotateInDownRight [@rotateInDownRight] [@rotateInDownRightOnEnter] degrees (default: 45)
    rotateInUpLeft [@rotateInUpLeft] [@rotateInUpLeftOnEnter] degrees (default: 45)
    rotateInUpRight [@rotateInUpRight] [@rotateInUpRightOnEnter] degrees (default: -90)
    Rotating exits
    rotateOut [@rotateOut] [@rotateOutOnLeave] degrees (default: 200)
    rotateOutDownLeft [@rotateOutDownLeft] [@rotateOutDownLeftOnLeave] degrees (default: 45)
    rotateOutDownRight [@rotateOutDownRight] [@rotateOutDownRightOnLeave] degrees (default: -45)
    rotateOutUpLeft [@rotateOutUpLeft] [@rotateOutUpLeftOnLeave] degrees (default: -45)
    rotateOutUpRight [@rotateOutUpRight] [@rotateOutUpRightOnLeave] degrees (default: -90)
    Sliding entrances
    slideInUp [@slideInUp] [@slideInUpOnEnter] translate (default: '100%')
    slideInDown [@slideInDown] [@slideInDownOnEnter] translate (default: '100%')
    slideInLeft [@slideInLeft] [@slideInLeftOnEnter] translate (default: '100%')
    slideInRight [@slideInRight] [@slideInRightOnEnter] translate (default: '100%')
    Sliding exits
    slideOutUp [@slideOutUp] [@slideOutUpOnLeave] translate (default: '100%')
    slideOutDown [@slideOutDown] [@slideOutDownOnLeave] translate (default: '100%')
    slideOutLeft [@slideOutLeft] [@slideOutLeftOnLeave] translate (default: '100%')
    slideOutRight [@slideOutRight] [@slideOutRightOnLeave] translate (default: '100%')
    Zooming entrances
    zoomIn [@zoomIn] [@zoomInOnEnter]
    zoomInDown [@zoomInDown] [@zoomInDownOnEnter]
    zoomInLeft [@zoomInLeft] [@zoomInLeftOnEnter]
    zoomInRight [@zoomInRight] [@zoomInRightOnEnter]
    zoomInUp [@zoomInUp] [@zoomInUpOnEnter]
    Zooming exits
    zoomOut [@zoomOut] [@zoomOutOnLeave]
    zoomOutDown [@zoomOutDown] [@zoomOutDownOnLeave]
    zoomOutLeft [@zoomOutLeft] [@zoomOutLeftOnLeave]
    zoomOutRight [@zoomOutRight] [@zoomOutRightOnLeave]
    zoomOutUp [@zoomOutUp] [@zoomOutUpOnLeave]
    hinge [@hinge] [@hingeOnLeave]
    jackInTheBox [@jackInTheBox] [@jackInTheBoxOnEnter]
    rollIn [@rollIn] [@rollInOnEnter] degrees (default: -120), translate (default: '-100%')
    rollOut [@rollOut] [@rollOutOnLeave] degrees (default: 120), translate (default: '100%')
    collapse [@collapse]
    rotate [@rotate] - degrees (default: 90)
    hueRotate [@hueRotate] -

    Running Demo App

    npm install
    npm start



    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


    npm i angular-animations

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