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What is this repository for?

Angular-2 boilperplate code with gulp building your tasks, handling the transpilation of your typescript into javascript, compiling your sass into css, and starting a local web server at http://localhost:8000.

This library provides the basic building blocks for building Angular-2 applications transpiled from Transcript, complete with src and app scaffolding for components, directives, services, pipes, sass, javascript, and assets.

It also comes initialized with npm commands to easily build components, directives, services, and pipes through the command line. More on that later in the readme.

  • v2.2.1
    • now updated for the stable release of Angular 2.0.0!

How do I get set up?

Prerequisites: node, gulp, typescript, typings.

(skip these steps if you already have the prerequisites)

If you don't have these installed, fetch 'em. How? Download node from the homepage at or install node through Homebrew if you have it.

make sure you have node and npm installed

node -v
"version number"
npm -v
"version number"


sudo npm install -g gulp typescript typings

App Installation and Getting Started

Install the package using npm or git:

sudo npm i jumanjijs


git clone

Change into your project directory and run the following command line installs

sudo npm install
typings install

Run the application, starting up http://localhost:8000


What commands come with this library?

All components, directives, services, and pipes that are created from the script commands get automatically placed into it's respective typescript directory in the 'src' folder.

Creating new components:

npm run component myComponent.ts

all new files that get created must end in .ts

Creating new directives:

npm run directive myDirective.ts

Creating new services:

npm run service myService.ts

Creating new pipes:

npm run pipe myPipe.ts

Who do I talk to?

Rafay Choudhury


npm i angular-2-boilerplate

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