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A music player for the console, in Node.



npm i -g angrplayr

angrplayr uses MPlayer under the hood, so you'll need that installed as well. This module will fail to install if you don't have mplayer in your path somewhere.


  • This will probably never work on Windows. Sorry.
  • angrplayr requires at least Node version 8, because it uses some async functions.


  • No playlists
  • No shuffle
  • No streaming
  • No video
  • No GUI
  • No remote control


angrplayr (or ap for short).

This will open a file explorer in your terminal. Use arrows to find an audio file, and hit enter to play.


  • enter or space: immediately play selected file
  • p: toggle paused/playing
  • .: volume up
  • ,: volume down
  • ;: seek back
  • ': seek forward


I really love MOC, but I use a Mac sometimes and audio on Macs is a little weird.

I also love MPlayer, but it's a bit unfriendly sometimes.

angrplayr is meant to fit somewhere in between more full-featured audio programs like CMus and MOC and command-line clients like MPlayer and MPV. Most of the time I don't need playlists, streaming, remote control, or other features; I just want to play audio.


  • Automatically play the next file in the directory
  • File browsing above cwd
  • Improve UI:
    • Fix progress bar jump at beginning of playback
    • Fix progress bar not showing up depending on size of terminal
    • Clear that interval so we don't get an Infinity for the progress bar