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    A Sass mixin for creating angled edges on sections by dynamically encoding SVGs.

    angled edge


    Import partial:

    @import "angled-edges";

    This mixin has 3 required parameters: location, hypotenuse, fill

    @include angled-edge($location, $hypotenuse, $fill);

    The main mixin creates an svg right triangle that is encoded, set as a background image of a pseudo element, and absolutely positioned.


    Parameter Description
    $location Location of shape relative to parent element
    • inside top
    • outside top
    • inside bottom
    • outside bottom
    $hypotenuse Side of the right triangle that the hypotenuse is on
    • upper left
    • upper right
    • lower left
    • lower right
    $fill Fill color of triangle
    $height Optional - Height of triangle - Accepts a unitless integer that is equivalent to height in px
    $width Optional - Width of triangle - Accepts a unitless integer that is equivalent to width in px (If nothing is passed triangle will span to a 100% fluid width)

    Upgrading from 1.x

    Version 2 now defaults with a fluid width of 100%. Since this is the preferred value, width and height parameters have switched order with height now being first. This allows for easier usage where

    @include angled-edge('outside bottom', 'lower right', 150) 

    now means a 150px tall with at a default of 100% width. If a fluid width is not needed, you can still pass in a unitless width like in 1.x.


    Browser Support

    Anywhere SVG is supported.

    • IE 9+
    • Edge
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Safari
    • Opera
    • iOS Safari
    • Opera Mini
    • Android Browser
    • Chrome for Android

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