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And Bang auth middleware for Express.js

World's simplest OAuth.

  1. Sign up for an And Bang account at

  2. Register your application at

    When setting your redirect URL, make sure your path is /auth/andbang/callback. For example: localhost:9000/auth/andbang/callback

  3. Copy your app's client ID and secret, and insert them into the middleware's constructor, like in the example below.

  4. Add a link or button that points to /auth somewhere on your page. You can also optionally set the "next" url to go to after successful auth all in one swoop by doing /auth?next={{some URL}}.

  5. ...

  6. Profit!

The code below should work once you've dropped in your client ID and secret:

var express = require('express'),
    andbangAuth = require('andbang-express-auth'),
    app = express();
// config our middleware 
app.use(express.session({ secret: 'keyboard cat' }));
    app: app,
    clientId: '<< YOUR CLIENT ID>>',
    clientSecret: '<< YOUR CLIENT SECRET>>',
    defaultRedirect: '/secured'
// Just re-direct people to '/auth' and the plugin does the rest. 
app.get('/', function (req, res) {
    res.send('<a href="/auth">login</a>');
// For routes where you want to require login, 
// add the middleware like this: 
app.get('/secured',, function (req, res) {