Narcoleptic Pony Machine

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    Tiny, fast, efficient, feature rich Javascript library to detect links / URLs / Emails in text and convert them to clickable HTML anchor links.

    Main features

    • Sensitivity:
      • It's Highly sensitive with the least false positives.
      • It validates URLs and Emails against full IANA list.
      • Validates port numbers (if present).
      • Validates IP octet numbers (if present).
      • Works on non latin alphabets URLs.
    • Robustness:
      • Skips HTML, so it doesn't break your HTML if it had a URL as an attribute for an element, or a link that is already inside an anchor.
      • Links with or without protocols.
      • Works with IPs, FTPs, Emails and files.
      • Can detect parenthesis and quotation marks as part of the URL or as a surrounding to the URL.
      • Easily extensible with your own code (e.g. for hashtags and mentions).
    • Fast: Performance is one of the main things that were kept in mind while writing this library.
      • Processing H.G. Wells novel, the time machine, took only 100 milliseconds.
      • This library is also faster than other alternatives (linkify & autolinker). Link to benchmark
    • Light Weight: Although it's a feature rich library with a full IANA list included, it's only 9KB when minified and GZipped.


    npm i anchorme

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