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reporter library


I made this lib for SequelizeJS so they could easily hook up mocha reporters but it never happened. Dead small, dead simple and it works over events which is the way I considered best to be done. That's about the size of it.

// opts is an array of options 
// that includes an eventemitter2 attribute 
// for you to pass in ee2 params 
var anchorman = require('anchorman')(opts);
// let's subscribe to some news 
anchorman.on('someEvent', transports);
// now lets broadcast some news 
anchorman.broadcast('someEvent', {some: 'data'});
// transports can be just a function 
anchorman.on('someOtherEvent', function (data) {
// transports can be objects that implement a publish function 
var transportObject = {
  someData: 'blabla',
  publish: function (data) {
anchorman.on('someOtherEvent', transportObject);
// or they can be an array of transport objects 
var transportsArray = [
anchorman.on('someEvent', transportsArray);