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    Amtrak.js - Unofficial Amtrak Library - The easiest way to track Amtrak Trains Programmatically! | Product Hunt


    This library and its creator have no relation to Amtrak. Amtrak and the Amtrak Logo are trademarks of The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (NRPC). The API endpoint used is not intended for use outside of Amtrak's Train Tracking map.


    It'n an NPM package lol:

    npm install amtrak


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    Demo Repl

    Here is a demo Repl you can either just simply run or even fork (all in your browser) to see what this library is capable of:

    TS Examples

    As this library was written in TypeScript, it is naturally easy to use it:

    Fetching All Data

    import { fetchTrainData } from 'amtrak';
    //fetches data, cleans it, and then prints to terminal
    fetchTrainData().then((trainData) => {
    	console.dir(trainData, { depth: null })

    Fetching All Trains

    import { fetchAllTrains } from 'amtrak';
    //fetches all trains and then prints to terminal
    fetchAllTrains().then((trainData) => {
    	console.dir(trainData, { depth: null })

    Fetching Single Trains

    import { fetchTrain } from 'amtrak';
    //fetches all trains with the number 20 (crescent) and then prints to terminal
    fetchTrain(20).then((trainData) => {
    	console.dir(trainData, { depth: null })

    Fetching All Stations

    import { fetchAllStations } from 'amtrak';
    //fetches all stations and then prints to terminal
    fetchAllStations().then((stationData) => {
    	console.dir(stationData, { depth: null })

    Fetching Single Stations

    import { fetchStation } from 'amtrak';
    //fetches all station data for CHI (chicago) and then prints to terminal
    fetchStation('CHI').then((stationData) => {
    	console.dir(stationData, { depth: null })

    JS Example

    And of course, as the TS is compliled to JS, you can use that as well. The only real difference between the two is how you (generally) import, so everything else is the same. The only difference here is that you can import from in ts, but you require the whole module is js.

    const amtrak = require("amtrak");
    amtrak.fetchTrainData().then((trainData) => {
        console.dir(trainData, { depth: null })

    (wait they're like the same lmao)


    I don't currently have any official contributing templates, but please make sure to add some testing code to testing/src/testAll.ts. Anything you add should take one of the existing types and return a modified version of it or a new type which you define in src/types/types.ts.

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