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amqp-logging - An npm package to send log messages with ActiveMQ and the amqp protocol

This package are meant to be used together with the docker image

Whenever writing a Node.js docker container service for an ActiveMQ system together with amqp-logging-printer, import and use this logger as in the usage example below.

Usage example

// Import the constructor
const AMQPLog = require('amqp-logging');

// Logger without package information
const logger = new AMQPLog('amqp://user:password@host');

// Logging examples'Logging on info level');
logger.warning('Logging on warning level');
logger.error('Logging on error level');{ log: with: { object: 'tada! :)' } });

// Logger with package information, supply the path to the directory with
// the logging package package.json file to use that info in the log message
const logger2 = new AMQPLog('amqp://user:password@host', \_\_dirname || pathToPackageThatLogs);

docker-compose.yml - And usage with docker

The docker-compose.yml file is an example of a docker container system setup with amqp-logging-printer (that prints logs sent by this package) and a ActiveMQ instance that handles all the amqp messages.

To try this out run docker-compose.yml with:

$ docker-compose up

While waiting for the containers to start. Modify the host to whatever ip address the activemq service got in test.js and run it, that should produce a printed log like:

name of the container                                          package name    level
          ⇓                                                         ⇓            ⇓
amqp-logging-printer_1            | 2016-10-08T10:02:54.676Z amqp-logging 0.2.1 info Hej, nu testar vi lite
                                                ⇑                           ⇑                  ⇑
                                           date of log               package version      log message

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