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Amplify Video Plugin

An open source plugin for the Amplify CLI that makes it easy to incorporate video streaming into your mobile and web applications powered by AWS Amplify and AWS Media Services

Installation Guide

To get started install the Amplify CLI via the getting started guide on the Amplify-CLI Github repo.

Now, install this Amplify Video plugin through NPM or manually:

NPM Installation guide

npm i amplify-category-video -g

Manually installing

  1. Clone this repo onto your local machine
  2. Open the terminal and navigate to the repo you just cloned
  3. Run this command:
npm install -g


To use this plugin you just need to configure a project using amplify init.

Note: If you aren't developing a mobile/web app then it doesn't matter what language you choose.

amplify video add

Command to configure the params for setting up a livestream. Run amplify video push or amplify push to create the resources in the cloud.

amplify video update

Command to update your params for your video setup.

amplify video start

Command to start your video stream.

amplify video stop

Command to stop your video stream.

amplify video setup

Command to repush the CloudFormation dependancies to the S3.

amplify video push

Command to push a specific video project.

amplify video get-info

Command to return the CloudFormation outputs.

amplify video setup-obs

Command to create and import a preconfigured OBS profile.

amplify video remove

Command to remove a project that you have made. To remove from the cloud you must run amplify video push or amplify push


This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


npm i amplify-category-video

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