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Codeship Status for cdaringe/ampersand-form-manager-view


Manage groups of forms! Use to:

  • render sets of forms within a form-wrapper,
  • gather meta about a collection of forms, or
  • display/extract data about the group of forms.


See page here:


Run npm run demo to check out each example. Note, these are tightly coupled with the test suite.

why would i use this?

Use this if you need to present a series of forms to a user, but wish to collect the data from the full form set all at once. Often times a client may need to go through several pages/views to fill in all of their information in non-trivial transactions. This package makes it easy to present several forms, then agregate the composite result into a single js object. Under the same thought, it is an excellent questionnaire foundation.

In a nutshell, this package can be used to manage various forms as though they were subsets of a larger, grander form.




  • autoAppend (boolean // default: true)
    • add forms (FormView instances) to container, vs. allowing each form to bind to its own el
  • completeCallback (Function // default: noop)
    • Fired when all forms are complete (valid). This will fire immediately if all forms are valid on initialization
  • cycle (boolean // default: false)
    • determines whether the form set is circular (e.g. next() sets the current form to the first form when the last form selected)
  • eagerLoad (boolean) Render form in formContainer on init
    • true //=> loads first form
    • function (formsCollection, CurrentView) { ... } //=> user specific actions to be executed at load time.
  • formContainer (Element|string|function // default: 'form-container')
    • node that forms rendered into. if a string is provided, it must be a ref to a data-hook attr on a node.
  • forms (Collection|array|Function)
    • collection of forms to render in view. Function must return Collection or array. Async not yet supported (PR welcomed).
  • freezeState (boolean // default: true)
    • on each next/prev scroll through the form collection, does a form.reset
  • singleObject: (boolean // default: false)
    • data by default is returned as an array of objects (results of all forms .data calls). This mode flattens all data into a single object.
  • value [FormView] default form loaded in view
  • validOnly (boolean // default: false)
    • next/prev form calls will not be allowed to change form view unless current form valid

next() / prev()

Sets the view to the next/previous form. If no forms available, does nothing. If cycle is permitted on the form manager view, the views will rotate circularly.


Sets the View's switcher to the requested form. Throws Error if the requested FormView not present


  • complete [boolean] - true when all forms in forms collection are valid.
  • completed [Array] - returns an array of valid form views
  • current [FormView] - current form rendered by view
  • remaining [Array] - returns an array of invalid form views


  • When extending FormManagerView to customize the template ([String|Function]), ensure that it contain an element with data-hook="form-container" to render the forms in if the view is to be rendered. The default view may be used, or, if you may use formContainer in the constructor instead.


  • KNOWN BUG: discrepancy between rendered and all composite forms .datas. events dropped? see bug1 in src
  • eagerLoad: all support (lo-pro)


npm i ampersand-form-manager-view

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