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A mixin that provides dependency management for Ampersand.js and Backbone.

Based on a talk I presented at Backbone Conf.

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Install with npm:

$ npm install --save ampersand-dependency-mixin

Extend the mixin into a constructor:

var deps = require('ampersand-dependency-mixin');
var Model = require('ampersand-model');

var MyModel = Model.extend(deps, {
  dependencies: ['config']

  initialize: function(options) {

To check for dependencies on a class, declare a dependencies array and call this.attachDeps(options).

When attachDeps is run it checks the object passed to it for keys matching any dependencies, throwing an error if they're missing and attaching them if present.

var model = new MyModel({ config: { ... } });
// -> { ... }

var shouldThrow = new MyModel();
// -> Error: 'Missing required dependencies: `config`'

Custom Error Messages

Custom error messages can be provied by declaring dependencies as an object:

var CustomMsg = Model.extend(deps, {
  dependencies: {
    config: 'App Config'

new CustomMsg();
// -> Error: 'Missing required dependencies: App Config'

Inheriting Dependencies

Dependencies can also be provided as a function that retuns an object or an array, which can be useful for sharing common dependencies through inheritance.

var BaseModel = Model.extend(deps, {
  dependencies: function() {
    return ['config']
  initialize: function(options) {

new BaseModel();
// -> Error: 'Missing required dependencies: `config`'

var MyModel = BaseModel.extend({
  dependencies: function() {
    var baseDeps =;
    return baseDeps.concat(['user'])

new MyModel();
// -> Error: 'Missing required dependencies: `config`, `user`'

Overwriting properties

By default, attachDeps will not overwrite existing properties, but it will still enforce that they're provided in the options object. This behavior works well with classes that already attach options for you automatically (such as the model or collection options with Backbone.View,) but where you still want to enforce that a given option has been supplied.

Use the overwrite: true option to overwrite any pre-existing values:

var UserModel = View.extend({
  dependencies: ['config'],

  config: { apiKey: 123 },

  initialize: function(options) {
    this.attachDeps(options, { overwrite: true });

var view = new UserModel({
  config: { apiKey: 321 }

// -> { apiKey: 321 }


npm i ampersand-dependency-mixin

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