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Front to back isomorphic framework for developing applications with node.js and mongoDB


To get started with a more complex app see the Amorphic Ticket Demo

To start with a hello world follow these instructions

$ npm install amorphic
$ npm install Q

Then move these from node_modules\amorphic into the root

  • apps/ folder which contains a hello world app and a doctor patient app

  • config.json

Create an app.js as follows:


Start node.js

$ node app.js --port <available port>

Bring up the hello world test page in your browser and add some worlds!

See this blog post for more info on Amorphic and this video that demos the drpatient sample


In order to run the tests for this repo, you will need to have the Mocha test framework installed.

$ npm install -g mocha

Run all the tests:

$ npm test

Run specific test (in this case, config test):

$ npm run test:config


Amorphic is still under development. The next major step is creating documentation and tests. In the mean time the amorphic-ticket-demo is the best resource


Amorphic is licensed under the MIT license