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You can install the node.js client with npm install amon

If you want to use the client from the command line, you can install it globally with sudo npm install amon -g and then link it to your project with npm link amon



var amon = require('amon').Amon; 

// By default the client will try to send the log data on
// You can change that with: = '';
amon.port = 2464;

amon.log('node.js message')
amon.log('node.js debug message', 'debug')

# Arrays
amon.log(['data', 'more data'], 'debug')

# Tagged logging
amon.log(message, ['debug', 'info'])

Exception handling

You can capture exceptions from your node application, by adding these lines in your main file. For example, if you start your project with node server.js, add them to server.js

var amon = require('amon').Amon; 
process.addListener('uncaughtException', function(err) {


If you find a bug in the node client, you can use the the github issues page to report it: