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Generate Amazon AMI images easily. This repository contains a collection of scripts that initialize your image to your specification.


This project is still a work-in-progress. YMMV, especially on the included scripts.


  • Image - an Amazon image, identified by an AMI id, e.g. ami-af13d9c6
  • Instance - a running machine instance created from an image. Can be run in various sizes (combinations of CPU/memory needs), e.g. "t1.micro" (the smallest)
  • "EBS" Image vs. "Instance Store" Image - This application works exclusively with "EBS" Images.


There are two ways to use amigen - either as a library or as a command-line app. To use as a library, install using npm within your own node.js project:

$ npm install amigen

To install as a command-line application, use npm to install globally:

$ sudo npm install -g amigen


Before using, set two environment variables with your AWS keys: AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY

This allows the script to access AWS on you behalf (to generate the images).

Usage - as command-line

The command-line app is named amigen. It works from both Windows and Linux. Typing:

$ amigen --help

will output command-line help. Typing:

$ amigen 

will output a list of available scripts.

Usage - as library

Library usage goes something like this:

var gen = require('amigen');
var config = {   
        "root": "./node_modules/amigen/scripts"
    ,   "baseAMI": "ami-a562a9cc"
    ,   "scripts": ["ubuntu11.10/AWS_API_tools", "ubuntu11.10/nodejs-latest"]
gen.getImageUsingConfig(config, function(err, amiId) {
    if (err) {
    } else {
        console.log('ok, done - amiId = ' + amiId);


The generated image will have a readme.txt in the default user's home folder. This file contains notes from the script authors on how to make use of the included software.

It is recommended that you read this file by typing:

$ cat readme.txt

(when you run an instance based off of the image).