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amex-jest-preset-react - One Amex

An opinionated Jest preset for React modules. For non-React projects use amex-jest-preset

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📖 Table of Contents

✨ Features

  • Base for Jest's configuration for React modules

🤹‍ Usage

  1. Install:

    npm install --save-dev amex-jest-preset-react
  2. And in your Jest configuration:

      "preset": "amex-jest-preset-react"

And... that's it! You now have all the boilerplate Jest configurations set up for you! Running jest from your npm test script will use all these configurations!

🎛️ API

Extending the preset provided configuration

You can add on and/or override any values provided in this preset as you wish in your Jest configuration.

It should be noted that if overriding the setupFilesAfterEnv option you may want to extend off of the setup file provided by amex-jest-preset-react in order to preserve that files' content. Otherwise you will lose anything we provide for you in there. Do so as follows:

// in custom-jest-setup.js

// your own custom setup


Extends amex-jest-preset and adds the following configurations that are specific to testing React modules:


This package is compatible only with React 17+.

🗝️ License

Any contributions made under this project will be governed by the Apache License 2.0.

🗣️ Code of Conduct

This project adheres to the American Express Community Guidelines. By participating, you are expected to honor these guidelines.

🏆 Contributing

We welcome Your interest in the American Express Open Source Community on Github. Any Contributor to any Open Source Project managed by the American Express Open Source Community must accept and sign an Agreement indicating agreement to the terms below. Except for the rights granted in this Agreement to American Express and to recipients of software distributed by American Express, You reserve all right, title, and interest, if any, in and to Your Contributions. Please fill out the Agreement.

Please feel free to open pull requests and see to learn how to get started contributing.

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