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Americano Cozy

When you want to write Cozy applications with Americano, you don't have the good helpers to write your models. Here are some that could make your life easier, notably about declaring your requests.

Getting Started

Add americano-cozy to the list of your plugins in the Americano configuration file. Then add it as a dependency of your project:

npm install americano-cozy -g


Do no think about including JugglingDB and its configuration for Cozy anymore, Americano Cozy does the job for you:

americano = require 'americano-cozy'
module.exports = americano.getModel 'Task',
    done: Boolean
    completionDate: Date


Describe your Data System requests in a single file:

# server/models/ 
americano = require 'americano-cozy'
module.exports =
        all: americano.defaultRequests.all
            map: (doc) ->
                if doc.completionDate? and doc.done
                    date = new Date doc.completionDate
                    dateString = "#{date.getFullYear()}-"
                    dateString += "#{date.getMonth() + 1}-#{date.getDate()}"
                    emit dateString1
            reduce: (key, values, rereduce) ->
                sum values

What about contributions?

Here is what I would like to do next:

  • write tests
  • remove async from the dependency (use recursive functions instead)
  • make Data System URL configurable

I didn't start any development yet, so you're welcome to participate!