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Module to sign urls to allow access to resources in the S3

Amazon S3 url signer

Module to sign urls to allow access to the private resources in the S3


To install

npm install amazon-s3-url-signer

Use example

var sig= require('amazon-s3-url-signer');

var bucket1 = sig.urlSigner('my key', 'my secret');
var bucket2 = sig.urlSigner('my key2', 'my secret2');

var url1 = bucket1.getUrl('GET', 'somefile.png', 'mybucket', 10); //url expires in 10 minutes
var url2 = bucket2.getUrl('PUT', '/somedir/somefile.png', 'mybucketonotheraccount', 100); //url expires in 100 minutes

Local test

If you want to test without an s3 acount you can use

sudo apt-get install rubygems
sudo gem install fakes3  --no-rdoc --no-ri
mkdir s3_files
fakes3 -r s3_files -p 1234

Now a fakes3 server is started. Now we will generate an S3 URL, and push a file to it.

var s3 = require('./index');

var putUrl = s3.urlSigner(123, 'abc', {
  host: '',
  port: 1234
}).getUrl('PUT', 'toto.json', 'my_bucket', 600);

The generated S3 url is:

Now you can use this URL with curl

curl --upload-file package.json ""

Or with request

var fs = require('fs');
var request = require('request');

Or with any http client you like :)

Thank to @Filirom1 for local server changes