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    Amazon Chime SDK React Components Library

    Amazon Chime SDK Project Board

    Amazon Chime SDK React Components Library Documentation

    Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript Library

    The Amazon Chime SDK makes it easy to add collaborative audio calling, video calling, and screen share features to web applications by using the same infrastructure services that power millions of Amazon Chime online meetings.

    The Amazon Chime SDK React Component Library supplies client-side state management and reusable UI components for common web interfaces used in audio and video conferencing applications, including: video tile grids, microphone activity indicators, and call controls. All components come with a simple, modern design, and can be used as-is or restyled with a custom theme. In addition to UI components, the library leverages Reacts' state management tools such as Providers and Hooks to connect to the Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript and pass data to the UI layer, simplifying state synchronization so that developers can concentrate on building engaging experiences.

    Guidance on consuming these SDK Components is available at Amazon Chime SDK React Component Library Documentation. Our Storybook documentation also captures a Quick Start Guide.

    The Amazon Chime SDK Project Board captures the status of community feature requests across all our repositories. The descriptions of the columns on the board are captured in this guide.

    To get started, see the following resources

    Amazon Chime SDK

    Amazon SDK Pricing

    Supported Browsers

    Amazon Chime API Reference

    Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript Documentation

    Migration from V1 to V2

    Migration from V2 to V3


    Amazon Chime Meeting Demo

    Messaging Demo

    Building Breakout Room Experiences with the Amazon Chime SDK React Component Library

    Quickly launch an Amazon Chime SDK application with AWS Amplify

    Installation and Development

    If you are adding this library to your existing application, add amazon-chime-sdk-component-library-react and the necessary peer dependencies to your project.

    npm install --save amazon-chime-sdk-component-library-react amazon-chime-sdk-js styled-components styled-system

    Otherwise clone the repo and install the dependencies.

    Contributing to the component library

    To generate dependencies

    git clone
    npm install

    To run the Storybook server locally

    npm start


    npm run build

    Once you build, check and resolve any warnings you may get like unresolved dependencies or circular dependencies. Remove these as it will help in bundling the library warning/error free.


    Run all unit test suites.

    npm run test

    Run an individual unit test suite.

    npm run test -- <filepath>

    Run all unit test suites in watch mode

    npm run test -- --watch

    Run all snapshot test suites. Docker is required to run Puppeteer in a Docker container.

    npm run test:snapshots


    Error 1: Service 'chromium' failed to build : toomanyrequests: You have reached your pull rate limit

    You may need to create a Docker Hub account and authenticate pull request from Docker Hub. Unauthenticated (anonymous) users will have the limits enforced via IP.

    Error 2: Timeout when you run npm run test:snapshots

    You have 2 options:

    1. Set an environment variable WAIT_ON_TIMEOUT=600000 (e.g. 10 minutes. By default, it's 5 minutes). It will wait for a longer time while checking for the server to respond.
    2. Start storybook server locally by running npm start, then run npm run test:snapshots.

    Run an individual snapshot test suite, make sure that storybook server is running locally before kicking off the test.

    npm run test:snapshots-path -- <filepath>

    Run an individual snapshot test suite and override existing snapshot(s).

    npm run test:snapshots-path -- <filepath> -u

    A code coverage summary will be printed at the end of each npm run test run. Full coverage including coverage for each file is generated in a lcov-report html file that can be rendered in the browser. This is generated in a /coverage directory on each test run.

    Troubleshooting and Support

    Review the resources given in the ReadMe and use our client documentation for guidance on how to develop on this library. Additionally, search our issues database to see if your issue is already addressed. If not please cut us an issue using the provided templates.

    If you have more questions, or require support for your business, you can reach out to AWS Customer support. You can review our support plans here.


    The use of Amazon Voice Focus via this SDK involves the downloading and execution of code at runtime by end users.

    The use of Amazon Voice Focus, background blur and background replacement runtime code is subject to additional notices. See this Amazon Voice Focus NOTICES file, background blur and background replacement NOTICES file for details. You agree to make these additional notices available to all end users who use Amazon Voice Focus and background blur runtime code via this SDK.

    The use of TensorFlow runtime code referenced above may be subject to additional license requirements. See the licenses page for TensorFlow.js here and TensorFlow.js models here for details.

    You and your end users are responsible for all Content (including any images) uploaded for use with background replacement, and must ensure that such Content does not violate the law, infringe or misappropriate the rights of any third party, or otherwise violate a material term of your agreement with Amazon (including the documentation, the AWS Service Terms, or the Acceptable Use Policy).


    This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.

    Copyright, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.




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