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  • For more information regarding alpine-analytics

In alpine-analytics Update config.js to test: Add:

process.env.FORCE_CLIENTID = 'get-from-config.js-file';
process.env.force_clientsecret = 'get-from-config.js-file';
process.env.force_redirecturi = 'http://localhost:3000/oauth/_callback';
process.env.force_apiversion = 'v28.0';
process.env.mixpanel_id = 'get-from-config.js-file';


exports.envsupportsanalytics = true; //process.env.mixpanel_id && process.env.force_clientid  && process.env.force_redirecturi  && process.env.force_apiversion && process.env.force_clientsecret;
exports.envsupportslogging = false; //process.env.force_clientid  && process.env.force_redirecturi  && process.env.force_apiversion && process.env.force_clientsecret;

make code changes

  • !!! modify version before commiting/publishing...
  • commit
  • push
  • submit pull request
    • do we need to wait for PR to go thru before publishing?
  • npm publish .
    • !!! modify version before publishing...
    • If you haven’t already, add yourself as an NPM user (only need to do this once)
    • npm adduser (and follow the prompts)
    • Have owner add you as an owner: (verify owner with: npm owner ls alpine-analytics )
    • npm owner add alpine-analytics

In alping-mobile

  • mimosa clean
  • update package.json with new version
  • npm install
    • verify change in node_modules