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AllProxy: HTTP MITM Debugging Proxy

MITM debugging proxy with a web GUI to view and modify all of the HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) traffic between your machine and the Internet. Also supports reverse proxy protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL and gRPC.

Also imports JSON logs to make them human readable.

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Try AllProxy Online

To try a readonly demo:

  • Click Try AllProxy
  • On the left side panel click the Restore Session button
  • From the Restore Session Modal click Restore to restore a sample session

You may also make some local configuration changes:

  • Edit Queries
  • Click the gear icon in the uppert right to change JSON Settings

NOTE The proxy capability of the hosted AllProxy app is disabled, and the proxy configuration is disabled. To try the MITM proxy, the AllProxy app must be installed on your computer.



  1. Install NPM package: npm install -g allproxy
    • Run: allproxy or allproxy_win.bat
  2. Clone repo and run: npm install && npm run build && npm start
  3. Docker container:
    • docker build -t allproxy .
    • docker run --name allproxy -i -t -v ~/.allproxy:/root/.allproxy -v ~/Downloads:/root/Downloads -p 8888:8888 allproxy

Open allproxy in browser;

NOTE: It is recommended that Use hardware acceleration when available is disabled on Chrome.

Electron Application

See the Releases to download an Electron Applications for MacOS, Linux and Windows.

JSON Log Viewer

JSON structured logs can be viewed in a human readable format. See jlogviewer for more details.


AllProxy is a man-in-the-middle server that captures the traffic between your application and web server. You can inspect the complete HTTP request and response. Alt text

Advanced Filtering

Use advanced filter criteria to find what you're looking for. Use complex boolean expressions to match the protocol, payload, URL, headers, and just about any part of the request or response message. Alt text


Set breakpoints to stop the HTTP request and optionally modify it before sending it to the web server. Alt text

Modify and Resend Requests

Modify and resend any captured HTTP requests. Alt text

Reverse Proxy

Resource proxy protocols include: MongoDb, Redis, MySQL, qGRPC, HTTP, HTTPS and TCP. Alt text

Integrated Online Help

AllProxy has a Help modal to help you configure and use the application. Alt text

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This code is licensed under the MIT License.

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