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Allmighty Docker Manager (ADM)

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Allmighty Docker Manager (ADM for short) is a command line application written in NodeJS which manages Docker containers for a set of applications defined by the user.


This package is meant to be installed globally on your system with NPM:

npm install -g allmighty-docker-manager

Once installed you'll have access to the adm command and can then visit the Getting Started section in the wiki to get started configuring Allmighty Docker Manager.


All the documentation for Allmighty Docker manager is available on the wiki.


If you're having issues with Allmighty Docker Manager, please feel free to check the troubleshooting wiki page for a solution open an issue

Testing & Linting

To run this applications tests and linter, simply install Gulp globally with the below command:

npm install -g gulp

Then run the following command in the directory this repository was cloned into:


The gulpfile gives access to a few methods shown below:

  • jscs: Runs the JSCS tool to check JS code.
  • jshint: Runs the JSHint tool to check JS code.
  • test: Runs the mocha tests.
  • style: Runs the jscs and jshint tasks to check JS code.
  • watch: Runs all 3 main tasks and then watches for file changes to rerun those tasks constantly as files are changed.

By default Gulp is set to run the jscs, jshint and test tasks when no arguments are provided to it.

Coding standards & styling guidelines

Please see the file for coding standards and style guidelines.


This work is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. To view a copy of this license, visit




npm i allmighty-docker-manager

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