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propertyhash for the constructor needs

  1. port - this is the port at which the http service will be opened.
  2. target - this is a string in one of the two following forms:
    • instancename:RemoteServiceTargetName
    • classname:RemoteServiceTargetClassName (not implemented yet)
  3. strategies - hash of propertyhashes mapped to corresponding strategy names.

Processing the target string


If the target string is of the instancename:RemoteServiceTargetName form, EntryPointService will enter the "SingleTarget hunt" mode. All the users passing the authenticate method will be forwarded to this SingleTarget (once found).

classname (not implemented yet)

If the target string is of the classname:RemoteServiceTargetClassName form, EntryPointService will look for all the available services of the RemoteServiceTargetClassName class. Once a user passes the authenticate method, she will be forwarded to one of the Services found (in accordance to the algorithm that still has to be implemented yet).

remote strategy

If the strategies hash has a remote key with a corresponding propertyhash, it should have a form like

  remote: {
    sinkanme: 'NameOfTheRemoteResolverService',
    identity: {name: 'somename', role: 'user'}

The remote strategy will be used in the authenticate method in a standard way, by implicitly calling the resolveUser method on the remote NameOfTheRemoteResolverService service (that is an instance of allex_userresolverservice or its descendant).

On the other side, the EntryPointService will additionally connect to NameOfTheRemoteResolverService to issue the following calls:

  • registerUser (exposes the register "url path" on the http service)
  • usernameExists (exposes the usernameExists "url path" on the http service)
  • usernamesLike (not implemented yet)
  • fetchUser (implicitly used in checkSession for user reconnection)

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