AllData key generation module


Stability: 1 - Experimental

Key generation module for AllData, a distributed master-less write-once immutable event store database implementing "All Data" part of Lambda Architecture.

var AllDataKeygen = require('alldata-keygen');
var key = AllDataKeygen.createKey();
// 20130927T005240652508858176 
npm test

AllDataKeygen generates a unique key for every event to be stored in AllData.

Public API

Creates a new key. Example: 20130927T005240652508858176.

Format is yyyymmddTHHMMsslllnnnnnnnnn

  • yyyy current UTC year
  • mm current UTC month
  • dd current UTC day
  • T time separator
  • HH current UTC hours
  • MM current UTC minutes
  • ss current UTC seconds
  • lll current UTC milliseconds
  • nnnnnnnnn nanoseconds "unique" marker from process.hrtime()[1]; could be less than 9 digits