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    What is AllcountJS

    The fastest way to deliver web & mobile applications with business value using Node.js.

    Write this:{
      appName: "Hello World",
      appIcon: "heart",
      menuItems: [
          name: "Gifts",
          icon: "gift",
          entityTypeId: "Gift"
      entities: function(Fields) {
        return {
          Gift: {
            title: 'Gifts',
            fields: {
              item: Fields.text("Item"),
              date:"Giving Date")

    Get this:

    AllcountJS Hello World App

    Try it



    Before we start you should install Node.js, MongoDB and Git. After that in order to install AllcountJS CLI you should run:

    NOTE: Preferred way to install and run allcountjs on Windows is to use Git-Bash.

    npm install -g allcountjs-cli

    NOTE: Users who prior installed allcountjs globally could continue use it but this way should be considered as deprecated.

    Running Hello World

    AllcountJS server uses Git repositories and regular directories to load app configurations from it and MongoDB to store application data. To use AllcountJS Git capabilities Git should be installed and available in path. To init new AllcountJS project just run

    allcountjs init

    You'll be prompted to enter project name, description and other info saved to package.json. You could also pass --template <template_name> option that could be used to init your project with existing demo at Demo Gallery. template_name can be found at Demo Gallery. After project is initialized you could see created from template app-config/ and package.json in newly created project directory. In order to install AllcountJS dependencies please run:

    NOTE: npm install command will install bower dependencies and shouldn't be run as a root user

    cd <project_name> && npm install

    To run your project and to connect to local MongoDB instance please run from project dir:

    allcountjs run

    Please note that MongoDB should be running in order to run this example.

    You should see:

    Application server for "app-config" listening on port 9080

    You could see your server up and running at http://localhost:9080 then. Please use admin / admin as user name / password to sign in.


    AllcountJS is licensed under the MIT Open Source license. For more information, see the LICENSE file in this repository.


    npm i allcountjs

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