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    This package has been deprecated

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    Has been renamed from 'all-text-mask' to 'text-mask-all'. Install and use 'text-mask-all'


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    Text Mask

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    Text Mask let's you turn a plain <input />, into one that conforms any user input, as they type, to a given mask pattern.

    Live demo

    To see Text Mask in action, checkout the demo page.

    Installation and usage


    Expected to work with...

    IE9+, Android, Samsung Internet, Windows Phone, iOS, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome

    Masking characters

    Character Description
    1 Any number
    A Any letter
    ? Any number or letter
    U Any letter (will be transformed to uppercase)
    L Any letter (will be transformed to lowercase)

    Escapable masking characters

    The mask also supports escaping, so you can use a masking character within the mask. For example

    +\1 (111) 111-1111

    The first 1 is not a masking character but part of the mask. For more information, see the documentation here.

    Guide mode

    Guide mode prints out placeholder characters and the mask itself as the user types

    No-guide mode

    No-guide mode doesn't print out placeholder characters and only adds mask characters when the user reaches them

    Ability to customize placeholder character

    You can change the placeholder character from _ (underscore) to anything you want. For example, you can use the unicode character U+2000 (\u2000 in JavaScript), which is white space to create a mask for phone number that looks like

    +1 (   )    -

    Or for date

    /  /

    Other features

    • Supports pasting
    • Supports browser auto-fill
    • It is small, around 3KB gzipped

    For support, questions, or suggestions

    Please file an issue or tweet at me.


    Public domain - CC0 1.0 Universal


    npm i all-text-mask

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