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Align To Sides

This library can be used to dynamically ensure all child elements of a given CSS selector are text aligned according to their position relative to their parent. On page-load the elements' positions are measured, elements nearest the left edge of thier parent are text-aligned left, elements nearest the right edge of their parent are text-aligned right, and if a tolerance value is provided elements further than the tolerance value from either edge are text-aligned center. On a window resize (or orientation change on mobile) the positions are measured again and the text-alignments reset to accomodate any shift in layout caused by the change in window size.

Additional triggers can be added via LayoutQueue.


Install via npm or yarn.

npm install align-to-sides


yarn add align-to-sides

Then require this module within your javascript:

var AlignToSides = require('align-to-sides');

Basic Use

The methods of AlignToSides all use standard CSS selectors, (e.g. 'p', '.class', '#id'). To align the children of a element or set of elements, pass the selector to init():


A tolerance value in pixels can be added as a second parameter to set any child elements to text-align: center; if they are further than the given pixel value from either side. Without a tolerance value, all children will be text-aligned either right or left.

AlignToSides.init(selector, tolerance);

A third boolean parameter can be added to reverse the orientation, and align elements to the center rather than the sides. This parameter will default to false.

var reverse = true;
AlignToSides.init(selector, tolerance, reverse);

A condition passed as a function can be added as a fourth parameter, allowing for a conditional applicaiton of the alignment.

var condition = function () { return false }
AlignToSides.init(selector, tolerance, reverse, condition);

Advanced use

To manually unset the text alignment of an elements children use unset():


To manually set the text alignment of an elements children use 'set()';


To add additional triggers for the execution of the queue see the documentation for LayoutQueue;

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