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JavaScript library: algoliasearchZendeskHC


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This JavaScript library allows you to replace the default search of your Zendesk Help Center by Algolia. Algolia is a hosted full-text, numerical, and faceted search engine capable of delivering realtime results from the first keystroke.

To browse through the crawler, visit the crawler/ folder.


To be able to setup your new search on your Zendesk Help Center you'll need to have an Algolia account with a configured Zendesk Help Center crawler.

Synchronize Algolia with your Help Center data

  1. Login or sign-up on Algolia
  2. Visit our Zendesk community page and click Join the beta
  3. Enter your zendesk subdomain (your_subdomain in your_subdomain.zendesk.com)
  4. When Zendesk asks you to approve Algolia in your Zendesk instance, click Allow
  5. That's it! Algolia now automatically handles the indexing of your Help Center

Updating your Help Center theme

Once your data has been extracted to Algolia, you need to update your Help Center theme in order to replace the search feature by Algolia.

  1. Copy the code displayed on the connector page in your Algolia account
  2. Go to your Zendesk Help Center
  3. Click "General" > "Customize the design" in the top bar
  4. In the "Theme" section, click on "Edit theme"
  5. In the top left corner dropdown, select the "Document Head" template
  6. Paste the lines you copied before at the end of the template
  7. Save and check if everything works
  8. If it does, you can now click "Publish Theme"

Available options

Here is a full breakdown of the available options for the JavaScript library:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//cdn.jsdelivr.net/algoliasearch.zendesk-hc/1/algoliasearch.zendesk-hc.min.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn.jsdelivr.net/algoliasearch.zendesk-hc/1/algoliasearch.zendesk-hc.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    applicationId: '<YOUR APPLICATION_ID>',
    // Optional configuration:
    indexPrefix: 'zendesk_',    // or your custom <INDEX_PREFIX>
    baseUrl: '/hc/',            // the base URL of your Help Center
    poweredBy: true,            // show the "Search by Algolia" link (required if you're on Algolia's FREE plan)
    colors: {
      primary: '#D4D4D4',       // the primary color
      secondary: '#D4D4D4'      // the secondary color
    autocomplete: {
      enabled: true,            // is the autocomplete feature enabled?
      inputSelector: '#query',  // the DOM selector to select the search box
      hits: 5                   // the number of suggestions to display
    instantsearch: {
      enabled: true,
      tagsLimit: 15             // Maximum number of tags to display
    translations: {             // These accept strings or objects associating locale with value
                                // e.g. {
                                //   found_in: {
                                //     'en-us': 'Found in',
                                //     'fr': 'En'
                                //   }
                                // }
      article: 'Article',
      articles: 'Articles',
      categories: 'Categories',
      found_in: 'Found in',
      no_result: 'No result',
      placeholder_autocomplete: 'Search in sections and articles',
      placeholder_instantsearch: 'Search in articles',
      result: 'Result',
      results: 'Results',
      search_by: 'Search by',
      sections: 'Sections',
      tags: 'Tags'

Handling Zendesk community search

We do not index community forums at the moment. If you're using them, you'll probably want to disable instantsearch by setting enabled: false.

Customizing the CSS

If you want to change the CSS styling of the search we provide, there's absolutely no issue. To do this:

  • You should have a look at the scss file to see all the rules we're using
  • Add a <style> tag after the <link> tag you've already added in your Document Head template We ask you to do this because the CSS code in the customization panel is included before the Document Head template
  • Fix the versions of the JavaScript and CSS files by replacing the /1/ in the URLs by /1.X/ or /1.X.Y/. (Current version: tag) Indeed, we might do some small CSS changes between minor versions.

In the end, you should have something along these lines in your Document Head template:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//cdn.jsdelivr.net/algoliasearch.zendesk-hc/CURRENT_VERSION/algoliasearch.zendesk-hc.min.css">
  .aa-dropdown-menu {
    background-color: #ccc;
<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn.jsdelivr.net/algoliasearch.zendesk-hc/CURRENT_VERSION/algoliasearch.zendesk-hc.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  algoliasearchZendeskHC(/* ... */);

Supporting multiple languages

Out of the box, the library limits the results to the currently selected language. However, some constant strings like the ones used in the sentence "12 results found in 1ms" need to be translated in your language. In order to do so, you need to use the translations parameter described in the documentation above.

If you're using only one language in your Help Center, just pass the strings of this specific language. For example, for French, you might want to pass:

translations: {
  article: 'Article',
  articles: 'Articles',
  categories: 'Catégories',
  found_in: 'Trouvés en',
  no_result: 'Aucun résultat',
  placeholder_autocomplete: 'Rechercher dans les articles et sections',
  placeholder_instantsearch: 'Rechercher dans les articles',
  result: 'Résultat',
  results: 'Résultats',
  search_by: 'Recherche par',
  sections: 'Sections',
  tags: 'Tags'

If you want to support multiple languages though, you'll need to pass for each key an object using locales as key. The locale is en-us in yoursupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us. For example, for English and French, you might want to pass:

translations: {
  article: {
    'en-us': 'Article',
    'fr': 'Article'
  articles: {
    'en-us': 'Articles',
    'fr': 'Articles'
  categories: {
    'en-us': 'Categories',
    'fr': 'Catégories'
  found_in: {
    'en-us': 'Found in',
    'fr': 'Trouvés en'
  no_result: {
    'en-us': 'No result',
    'fr': 'Aucun résultat'
  placeholder_autocomplete: {
    'en-us': 'Search in articles and sections',
    'fr': 'Rechercher dans les articles et sections'
  placeholder_instantsearch: {
    'en-us': 'Search in articles',
    'fr': 'Rechercher dans les articles'
  result: {
    'en-us': 'Result',
    'fr': 'Résultat'
  results: {
    'en-us': 'Results',
    'fr': 'Résultats'
  search_by: {
    'en-us': 'Search by',
    'fr': 'Recherche par'
  sections: {
    'en-us': 'Sections',
    'fr': 'Sections'
  tags: {
    'en-us': 'Tags',
    'fr': 'Tags'


The package.json holds multiple scripts:

  • build:css: Compiles the CSS files to dist/algoliasearch.zendesk-hc.css
  • build:docs: Extracts the documentation from this README.md to ../docs/documentation.md
  • build:js: Compiles the JS files to dist/algoliasearch.zendesk-hc.js and dist-es5-module/*.js
  • build: Launches all 3 previous builds
  • clean: Removes dist/ and dist-es5-module
  • dev: Launches build and server, and watches the files to rebuild them if needed
  • lint: Lints the JS files
  • server: Runs a simple HTTP server pointing to dist/
  • test:coverage: Runs test with coverage enabled
  • test: Runs the test suite

build:js, build:css, build and dev can be passed a NODE_ENV environment variable.
If set to production, it also creates minified files and map files.

server accepts a PORT environment variable to change on which port it will run.


We're considering any contribution and PR, please go ahead!


This project is under the MIT License.


npm i algoliasearch.zendesk-hc

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