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Make your Alfred workflows installable from npm


$ npm install --save alfred-link


Add the alfred-link command as postinstall script of your Alfred package and add alfred-unlink as preuninstall script to clean up the resources when the workflow gets uninstalled.

  "name": "alfred-unicorn",
  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "alfred-link",
    "preuninstall": "alfred-unlink"

You can now install the alfred-unicorn package like this

$ npm install -g alfred-unicorn.

This will update info.plist with the information from package.json and creates a unicorn symlink inside the Alfred workflows directory that points to the location of the alfred-unicorn module.


This package will update the info.plist file when the workflow is being installed. The following properties in info.plist can be safely omitted. The corresponding values in package.json are added to the plist file.

info.plist package.json
version version
description description
webaddress homepage


When developing an Alfred workflow, you can call alfred-link directly from your cli. Either by installing alfred-link globally or by calling alfred-link from your node_modules/.bin directory. This will create a symlink in the Alfred workflows directory pointing to your development location without transforming info.plist.

$ ./node_modules/.bin/alfred-link

To remove the symlink afterwards, you can call alfred-unlink.

$ ./node_modules/.bin/alfred-unlink


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