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    Alfred 3 workflow to quick look of Longman dictionary and creating Anki cards.

    Search by headword or across all entries

    Search by headword or across all entries


    Create, choose and delete your decks in Anki

    Create, choose and delete your decks in Anki

    Use ⌘L for more info by large text and copy it

    Use [⌘L] for more info by large text and copy it

    Warnings, Notifications

    search wichout Anki


    Try this Anki theme (Scramble-sentences) to learning by created cards



    The search, ldoce <query>, uses Pearson's API to hunt for headwords and senses that match headeword/<query>. 25 results are retrieved by default for headword search. This workflow searches from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (5th edition)[ldoce5 - API]. And creates Anki cards by your choices (if an article of the current word in this API not existing audio examples the Alfred will create audio examples from Oddcast. [uses random voices: Julie, Kate, James]


    $ npm install --global alfred-ldoce

    or as ldoce-Express.alfredworkflow

    • Download and import the deck example for Anki to install template for this grabbing from ldoce Api.

    Requires: Node.js 7.6+, Alfred Powerpack, Anki intelligent flash cards, AnkiConnect plugin for Anki.


    video presentation query

    In Alfred, type ldoce, Enter, and your query.
    • ldoce < query > — Search for entries with the given headword

    • ldoces — Generic text search across all entries (searchs all entry fields)

    • < query > — Search for previous matching ldoce < query >

      • ⇥, ↩ or ⌘ + NUM or click — select to choose sense for creating card
      • ⌘ + L — Show one of vocabulary entries in Alfred's "Large Type" window
      • ⌘ + ↩ — create card from selected senses of word
      • ⌥ + ↩ — create card from all matching of current query
      • hit fn + ↩ — export current vocabulary entries to other workfows "Call External"
      • hit ⌃ + ↩ to turn back from some additional boxes to current session of query
    • < ldl > (last query or last query for phrasal verb) go to the definition of the word of the last query

    • If you notice this sign 🔦 it means the current deffinition exist additional words for search. Hit ⌃ + ↵ (SEE ALSO) to show and search by this words.

    • <ldoce !> — Choose, create or delete deck for Anki

      • <!set> - choose another deck for new cards
      • <!del> - delete any deck (with cards)
      • <!refresh> - Refreshing info by AnkiConnect. It will be done automaticaly after each query set, but can be used forcibly by this command.

    Note: OS X's "delete word" shortcut ( ⌥ + ⌫ ) is very handy for backing out of a current search result.

    notation conventions

    regular headword : Regular

    gramatical example : Gramatical

    phrasal verb : Phrasal verbs

    collocation : Collocation

    runon : Run-on sentences


    • There is three options:
      • language: Choose your language (it use google-translate-api).
      • path_to_anki-media: /Library/Application Support/Anki2/< Profile name of Anki >/
      • note_type: "Ldoce-Express" - by default don't need to change.


    • Update Readme
    • Add Frequency by "Ldoce 9000"
    • Add more info (like "due", "new", "suspend" and count of cards) through the AnkiConnect
    • Tests

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