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CLI for parsing JSON to Alfred's XML Filter

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install alfred-filter. Use -g to make it global.


alfred-filter currently reads stringified json on stdin.

It also takes a few params:

  • -f, --filter [filter] A value to filter the property against
  • -v, --value [value] A property on the json to filter against
  • -i, --icon [icon] An icon to add to each item


Let's say you have some JSON from something like the andbang-cli (and you've installed that and alfred-filter globally).

andbang -m getMyTasks -p 1 | alfred-filter -f henrik -v title -i rocket.png

would output something like

<items><item arg="TASK_ID"><title>This task title has the word henrik in it!</title><icon>rocket.png</icon></item></items>

Release History

0.1.0 - Initial release. Only handles arrays


Copyright (c) 2013 Luke Karrys
Licensed under the MIT license.