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Aldis, a log forwarder for Docker.

Aldis connects to Docker's remote API and attaches containers as they are created to forward logs to an AMQP exchange.

This is a temporary solution while waiting for a more standard way of handling container output in Docker, but it works. I'm not even sure you should use this.


Use npm to install aldis:

npm install aldis

or if you wish to install aldis globally:

npm install -g aldis


Use the -h option to get a listing of all available options:

  -d, --docker=ARG    Docker URL (eg: /var/run/docker.sock or
  -a, --amqp=ARG      AMQP host (eg: localhost)
  -e, --exchange=ARG  exchange to publish messages to
  -E, --env=ARG+      env variables to include in pipe
  -A, --attach        attach already running containers
  -l, --log           output logs as they arrive
  -h, --help          show this help
  -v, --version       show program version

By default, Aldis will forward all logs to an aldis exchange in any AMQP server that happens to listen on localhost.

You can also include arbitrary environment variables from the container, using the -E switch (only environment variables defined in the container's configuration are available though).

Receiving messages

Messages will contain a JSON structure looking like this:

{ container:   (string)    container id,
  fragment_id: (int)       an auto-increment id for this message,
  env:         (array)     an array of env variables from the container,
  type:        (int)       stream type (0 = stdin, 1 = stdout, 2 = stderr),
  length:      (int)       the byte length of the log line,
  content:     (string)    actual log line,
  timestamp:   (string)    the time at which aldis received the log line }