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Phantom test runner for Jasmine


A whole new world of javascript testing.

brew install phantomjs
sudo npm install aladdin -g

By default phantom-jasmine will look for a json file in spec/config.json. Use this to list all the scripts you want to load before your specs. e.g.


If you want to put this file elsewhere use the --config flag, e.g.

aladdin --config tests/config.json

Or run specific specs

aladdin spec/path/my_spec.js
aladdin spec/path/

If everything works you should see output like this in your terminal:



  1) failure should fail for the example.
     Expected false to be truthy.

Finished in 0.009 seconds
21 specs, 1 failures
--format, -f [type]   Specify a format type for the spec output. Options "doc"
--config, -c [file]   Path to config file
--trace, -t           Show full stack traces