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    2.0.8 • Public • Published

    Akumina Widget Builder


    • Usability updates for directory creation for packages


    • Added support for widget definition icons
    • Usability updates for CDNAsset deployment


    • Added JSXCompiler for React Views


    • Added local sandbox support (preview)


    • Added support for widget package versions


    • Added '{AssetLibraryName}' for stub command if using and


    • Added support for widget package versions


    • Added 'IsAppManagerWidget' bit to 'Options' object for config.json schema


    • Added '{AssetLibraryName}' for stub command if using as 'Style Library' is no longer used


    • Added support for widget package versions and


    • Added Widget Definition description support to 'package' command (will need new Site Deployer to deploy)


    • Added color to console for easier readability

    #1.9.2 #1.9.1

    • Added new --skipInstances command that will keep instances from being bundled in the widget package, usefull for followup deployments after widgets have been seeded and not overwriting widget properties that were updated by a business user

      Full usage:

      npm run package -- --skipInstances=true

      One widget usage:

      npm run package MyWidgetPackage -- --skipInstances=true

      NOTE - Leave the additional '--' before --skipInstances


    • Added new --tokenMap command that will allow to replace tokens within the config.json property arrays Useful for replacing {url} settings based on deployment destination

          "name": "myprop",
          "value": "{url}"

      Full usage:

      npm run package -- --tokenMap "tokentoreplace=valuetoreplacewith"  


      npm run package MyWidget -- --tokenMap "url="   

      Example with Multiples:

      npm run package MyWidget -- --tokenMap "url=;anothertoken=anothervalue"   

      NOTE - Leave the additional '--' before --tokenMap

    #1.8.6 #1.8.5

    • Added additional error handling for incorrect 'WidgetPackageDestinationPath' in akumina.config.json


    • Addressed issue with icon property differences between package version 4.0 vs 4.1 (font awesome supported in 4.1)


    • Added GetList stub sample

    #1.8.2 #1.8.1 #1.8.0

    • Added setupdev command for localdevelopment - requires App Manager 4.1 Patch


    • Added ctpackage command that copies individual content types to a single directory for import purposes


    • Addressed issue with package not generatoring proper .zip package when missing WidgetPackageDistPath
    • Added cdnpackage command for copying views for deployment to an Azure CDN

    #1.7.8 #1.7.7 #1.7.6

    • Added support for 'npm run cdnpackage' - this will place required widget view files into CDNAssets folder (configurable in akumina.config.json)


    • fixed issue with 'npm run stub widgetName' command - this will allow for quick creation of stubs without going through wizard

    #1.7.4 #1.7.3

    • added support for reading buildnumber.txt for build level widget version generation


    • added support for future stub options (Hello World) for now
    • added support for IsPartialDefinition option with stub command
      • This is used for creating new instances of widgets without having to define the full definition (ie, instance of Generic List)


    • added IsDashboardWidget support for Options array - this controls the data flag for cloaning of widgets


    • corrected widgetversion property not being mapped


    • added extra handling for syntax issues in config.json


    • added support for termstore import via widget package system (4.1 only)


    • issue addressed with choice fields and stringifing values


    • resolved issue with properties of type string and escaped characters


    • addressed issue with choice fields for instances - was duplicating an available choice field per choice item


    • added 'clean packages' command, this will remove temporary folders and zip packages


    • fixed issue with JSON type fields


    • fixed problem with multiple choice field types in definition


    • issue with instances.json and proper choice field population from definition


    • fixed issue with Instances and Definition choice field types


    • fixed issue with empty WidgetVersion


    • added error coloring support


    npm i akumina-widget-builder

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