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This plugin provides AKP48 with some commands related to randomization, such as selecting a random item from a group.


This plugin is included by default on new installations of AKP48Squared. No further installation is needed.


choose: Chooses and item from a list.
Usage: choose <any number of options ...>
Example: choose pizza burger salad

lart: Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool
Usage: lart <user>
Example: lart AKP

roll: Rolls dice. See this page for roll format help. note: we don't support all of that page's options
Usage: roll <dice> [more dice ...]
Example: roll 1d6 4d20

slogan: Generates a slogan for a given noun.
Usage: slogan <noun>
Example: slogan Grease Lightning


If you come across any issues, you can report them on this GitHub repo here.