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An Akismet API client for node.js.

NPM version License


npm install akismet


You need to sign up for an Akismet API key to use the API. Once you sign up, it would be a good idea to verify your key.

var akismet = require('akismet').client({ blog: '', apiKey: 'myakismetapikey123' });
akismet.verifyKey(function(err, verified) {
  if (verified) 
    console.log('API key successfully verified.');
    console.log('Unable to verify API key.');

You can now use Akismet to moderate your comments.

    user_ip: '', 
    permalink: '',
    comment_author: 'spammer',
    comment_content: 'spamming your comments'
  }, function(err, spam) {
      console.log('Spam caught.');
      console.log('Not spam');

You can also send feedback to Akismet with submitSpam and submitHam. Their usage is the same as checkSpam.

    user_ip: '', 
    permalink: '',
    comment_author: 'spammer',
    comment_content: 'that was spam but you failed to catch me'
  }, function(err) {
    console.log('Spam reported to Akismet.');

See the Akismet API documentation for more information.