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A retro gaming engine using Javascript Canvas.

Getting Started

Install via npm:

npm install akihabara

What's New

I have implemented several new aspects of the framework. I have been building a game using Akihabara, hence this forked version and all the updates.


I have included an AkihabaraMediabox instance of MediaBox from my ProperJS organization. AkihabaraMediabox extends MediaBox, addings some new methods more specific to the gaming engine.


I have included an AkihabaraGamestate instance of GameState from my ProperJS organization.


I have included an AkihabaraGamequest instance of GameQuest from my ProperJS organization.


I have included an AkihabaraGamescreen instance of GameScreen from my ProperJS organization.

Akihabara Dist Files

You can load any of the files from the dist directory depending on what type of game you are making. The following dist files exist:

  • akihabara.topview.js
  • akihabara.topview.min.js
  • akihabara.platformer.js
  • akihabara.platformer.min.js
  • akihabara.shmup.js
  • akihabara.shmup.min.js

Developers Notes

Right now I am overriding the AkihabaraGamebox._basepath property in the AkihabaraGamebox.onLoad callback to get around now using akihabara as a node module. My ultimate goal is to get rid of all the splash and preload stuff since its not supportive of fully custom game intros. I'm currently using a fully customized game intro with no splash in my project.

AkihabaraGamebox._basepath = "/node_modules/akihabara/images/";


Retaining original legal information

The initial akihabara code was made by Fracesco Cottone as an open source project dual licensed by MIT and GPL.

Interested in the original Akihabara

Check it out