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StrongLopp demo application that illustrates usage of the akera-loopback-connector together with client frameworks like Angular, Kendo UI.


An instance of Akera Application Server is needed to make the demo application work. If you do not have one already set-up start by installing the package:

$ npm set registry
$ sudo npm install -g akera-server 

Set-up a new instance by running the configuration script:

$ akera-server new sports

fill in the configuration, make note of broker port number and SSL options to use later when updating the data source configuration on the demo application. Also ensure a sports2000 database is connected for the demo application to work.

Start the application server with:

$ akera-server start sports

Since this is a StrongLoop/LoopBack demo the strongloop package must be installed on your system, check that by running:

$ slc --version

If not already installed you can do so by running:

$ sudo npm install -g strongloop

After you have ensured that strongloop is installed, run

$ sudo npm install akera-loopback-demo


To start the demo application, change to the application folder and use the slc command to start it.

$ slc run

Then point your browser to http://localhost:3000


Settings can be found in the client/config.json file. To add more demos to the application, you will need to update the "akera_demos" section. All files you specify will be shown as source code for the demo. If your demo also creates additional angular models, you need to add them in client/mod-dep.js . Make sure to also include any .js files in client/index.html BEFORE "js/main.js".

Bower issues

If bower encounters errors during install, try running

    $ git config --global url."https://".insteadOf "git://"

then run the installation again.