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AjGenesisNode Lavarel

AjGenesisNode Lavarel tasks and templates, to generate web sites using Lavarel. WIP.


Install Node.js.

Install globally latests version of AjGenesis for Node, Entity and Lavarel modules:

npm install ajgenesis -g
npm install ajgenesisnode-entity -g
npm install ajgenesisnode-lavarel -g

Quick start

In any directory, create an application

ajgenesis lavarel:create demo
cd demo

The AjGenesis lavarel module is installed automatically from ajgenesisnode-lavarel, if it is not already installed.

The new directory has subdirectories:

  • models: where the free model files reside.
  • ajgenesis: additional tasks and remplates for AjGenesis.
  • site: initial static files for a new web site.

Add some entities and propeties:

ajgenesis entity:add customer
ajgenesis entity:addproperty customer name
ajgenesis entity:addproperty customer address
ajgenesis entity:add supplier
ajgenesis entity:addproperty supplier name
ajgenesis entity:addproperty supplier address

The new .json files will be added to models director.

Generate the web site:

ajgenesis generate

The web site is generated in a new directory build.

Install the dependencies TBD

Run the site TBD


npm install -g ajgenesis
git clone git://
cd AjGenesisNode-Lavarel
npm link ajgenesis
npm install
npm test






Feel free to file issues and submit pull requests � contributions are welcome.

If you submit a pull request, please be sure to add or update corresponding test cases, and ensure that npm test continues to pass.