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AjGenesisNode Entity

AjGenesisNode Entity tasks and templates. WIP.


Install AjGenesis for Node globally using:

npm install -g ajgenesis

On Linux, you should use sudo to install a module globally.


In your project directory, run:

npm install ajgenesisnode-entity

in order to have this module available.

Add an entity to the current AjGenesis project

ajgenesis entity:add customer

It adds a models/customer.json file with an entity named customer.

Add a property address to entity customer

ajgenesis entity:addproperty customer address


npm install -g ajgenesis
git clone git://
cd AjGenesisNode-Entity
npm link ajgenesis
npm install
npm test


  • 0.0.1: Published
  • 0.0.2: Published. It uses models directory instead of ajgenesis/models
  • 0.0.3: Published. add and addproperty process parameters
  • 0.0.4: Published. Fixing add property bug, using a hack
  • 0.0.5: Published. Using ajgenesis/models for model files
  • 0.0.6: Published. Use createModelDirectory, getModelDirectory
  • 0.0.7: Published. Install method
  • 0.0.8: Published. Copy lib directory on install
  • 0.0.9: Published. Using entities folder in model
  • 0.0.10: Published, new directory struct, pre-installed in AjGenesisNode-Express


Feel free to file issues and submit pull requests � contributions are welcome.

If you submit a pull request, please be sure to add or update corresponding test cases, and ensure that npm test continues to pass.