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A 1-1 network pipe that auto discovers other peers using mdns

npm install -g airpaste


On one machine run

echo hello world | airpaste

On another one run


If the two machines are on the same network the second one will now print hello world. Optionally you can provide an pipe name as the second argument

echo only streams to test | airpaste test

That way the output only gets send to another user doing airpaste test

Sharing files

You can use airpaste to share files across the network by piping them to/from airpaste

On one machine do

airpaste < my.file

On another

airpaste > my.file

Since airpaste just outputs to stdout you can also do stuff like piping movies/music to mplayer (or any other program that supports streaming to stdin)

On one machine

airpaste | mplayer -

On another

airpaste < movie.mp4


You can also use this module from node

var airpaste = require('airpaste')
var stream = airpaste()

Optionally you can pass a namespace to airpaste()