Track airpair notifications from twitter, and make OSX or Linux growl at you!


Use this tool to keep yourself up to date on airPair listings. Truely its just a twitter stream tracker, and you could track anything. But I am dedicating this to AirPair... so if you want to name it something else. Fork it.

gem install terminal-notifier
npm install airpair-notify -g

Obtain API credentials from Twitter

Create an airpair-notify.json anywhere you want. The contents must contain variables like the following. It must be properly formatted JSON its parsed using JSON.parse().

    "growl": {
        "title": "AirPair",
        "sticky": true
    "twitter": {
        "stream": {
            "track": "@airpair"
        "credentials": {
            "consumer_key": "YOUR_KEY",
            "consumer_secret": "YOUR_SEC",
            "access_token_key": "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN",
            "access_token_secret": "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET"
} is the phrase that will be tracked by the twitter stream. An OSX notifcation will be fired off any time a new tweet comes in from AirPair.

airpair-notify --file /path/to/airpair-notify.json
  • [ ] Add more commandline options
  • [ ] Actually use the AirPairIcon.png
  • [ ] Allow deamonization of airpair-notify so it can be started and forgotten about.
  • [ ] Add instructions for linux
  • [ ] Add --help option