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Use this tool to keep yourself up to date on airPair listings. Truely its just a twitter stream tracker, and you could track anything. But I am dedicating this to AirPair... so if you want to name it something else. Fork it.


gem install terminal-notifier
npm install airpair-notify -g

Obtain API credentials from Twitter

Create an airpair-notify.json anywhere you want. The contents must contain variables like the following. It must be properly formatted JSON its parsed using JSON.parse().

    "growl": {
        "title": "AirPair",
        "sticky": true
    "twitter": {
        "stream": {
            "track": "@airpair #nodejs #mongodb"
        "credentials": {
            "consumer_key": "YOUR_KEY",
            "consumer_secret": "YOUR_SEC",
            "access_token_key": "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN",
            "access_token_secret": "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET"
} is the phrase that will be used to filter results in the twitter stream. Make this useful. If your only interested in AirPair listings that are for nodejs or ruby be sure to make your track phrase reflect this. @airpair #nodejs #aws An OSX notifcation will be fired off any time a new tweet comes in from AirPair.


airpair-notify --file /path/to/airpair-notify.json


  • Add more commandline options
  • Actually use the AirPairIcon.png
  • Allow deamonization of airpair-notify so it can be started and forgotten about.
  • Add instructions for linux
  • Add --help option