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The Apple AirPlay and RAOP protocols are the foundation of Apple TV and all AirPlay compatible hardware. The two protocols are continuesly evolving and new features are added all the time. Clément Vasseur did a fantastic job documenting most of the two protocols in 2012, but since then a lot have happended.

This project is a first step in trying to fully uncover the two protocols.

Each new OS release for Apple TV and AirPort Express introduces slight changes to the two protocols. So an important part of the reverse engineering is to get snapshots of how the different OS and hardware combinations expose them selfs on the network.

This project does just that.

Important note about privacy

Installing an running this software on your computer will collect and send information about all AirPlay and RAOP compatible devices on your network to a public database.

See below if you'd like to know what kind of information is collected.


This is a Node.js module, so if you don't already have Node.js installed, go ahead and do so first.

Then run the following to install AirHarvest:

npm install -g airharvest

If you are not comfortable with the command line, you can help by telling your friends about this project instead.

Note: This have not been tested on Windows and since it have binary dependencies, this might get tricky. Please open issues if you have any problmes installing or running this software.

Run it!

Just run the airharvest command from your command line :)

What does the collected data look like?

This is an example of what kind of RAOP data is collected:

    "type": "raop",
    "port": 5000,
    "txt": {
        "cn": "0,1,2,3",
        "da": "true",
        "et": "0,3,5",
        "ft": "0x5A7FFFF7,0xE",
        "md": "0,1,2",
        "am": "AppleTV3,1",
        "pk": "****************************************************************",
        "sf": "0x44",
        "tp": "UDP",
        "vn": "65537",
        "vs": "200.54",
        "vv": "2"

This is an example of what kind of AirPlay data is collected:

    "type": "airplay",
    "port": 7000,
    "txt": {
        "deviceid": "***",
        "features": "0x5A7FFFF7,0xE",
        "flags": "0x44",
        "model": "AppleTV3,1",
        "pk": "****************************************************************",
        "srcvers": "200.54",
        "vv": "2"



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