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❤️ aime

aime is a command line tool that lets you search & manage your Twitter likes. Still a work in progress!

You can:

  • Organize your liked tweets into categories.
  • Mark a tweet as read/unread.
  • Search your liked tweets by query, user, read/unread, or category.

All from the comfort of your terminal. ❤️

💡 future improvements

  • More efficient fetching, e.g. only fetch for the x most recent tweets.
  • Search of tweets containing links.


  • Twitter API doesn't offer ways to query liked tweets based on timestamp, so when fetching tweets, it's not possible to specify whether we only want to fetch liked tweets that were tweeted this week, etc.

If you're interested to work in improving the points above/have any idea, feel free to make a pull request/let me know and contribute! 🙏


npm install -g aime


aime needs your Twitter account's API keys to work.

  1. Find out how to get your access token here & do all the steps necessary.
  2. Create an .env file & insert the following variables:
CONSUMER_KEY = [ your consumer_key here ]

CONSUMER_SECRET= [ your consumer_secret here ]

ACCESS_TOKEN = [ your access_token here ]

ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET = [your access_token_secret here]

You only need to do this once.


There are two ways to run aime:

  1. You can cd to where aime is installed and run npm install, or;
  2. First run mongodb by running the following command:

mongod --dbpath=/data/db --port 27017 --fork --logpath ~/log/mongod.log

then you can simply run aime and you're all set.

To exit, just press esc, q, or CTRL + q.