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    NatDevice is a high performance, cross-platform camera and microphone streaming API for Unity Engine. To start, discover available media devices:

    // Create a media device query for a camera device
    var filter = MediaDeviceCriteria.CameraDevice;
    var query = new MediaDeviceQuery(filter);
    // Get the first camera device
    var device = query.current as CameraDevice;

    Then stream camera images or audio buffers from the device:

    // Start streaming camera images
    void OnCameraImage (CameraImage image) {
        // Do stuff

    From here, you can utilize extensive functionality provided by the API to build your interactive applications. Features include:

    • Ultra-low Latency. Stream the camera preview and microphone audio into Unity with extremely small overhead.

    • Ultra-high Resolution. NatDevice supports high resolution camera previews, at full HD and higher on devices that support it.

    • Extensive Camera Control. Set the camera exposure mode, exposure point, exposure duration, focus mode, focus point, flash mode, white balance mode, torch mode, zoom, and more.

    • Granular Microphone Control. Configure the microphone sample rate, channel count, and echo cancellation mode on devices that support it.

    • Machine Learning Integration. NatDevice tightly integrates with NatML for building machine learning and computer vision apps.

    • Video Recording Integration. NatDevice tightly integrates with NatCorder for enabling user-generated content.

    See the docs to learn more about NatDevice.

    Installing NatDevice

    First, add the following items to your Unity project's Packages/manifest.json:

      "scopedRegistries": [
          "name": "NatML",
          "url": "",
          "scopes": ["ai.natml"]
      "dependencies": {
        "ai.natml.natdevice": "1.3.2"

    Then retrieve your access key from NatML Hub and add it to your Project Settings:

    Specifying your access key

    Using NatDevice requires an active NatML MediaKit subscription. You can try it out for free, but functionality is limited. See the docs for more info.


    • Unity 2021.2+

    Supported Platforms

    • Android API Level 24+
    • iOS 14+
    • macOS 10.15+ (Apple Silicon and Intel)
    • Windows 10+ (64-bit only)
    • WebGL:
      • Chrome 91+
      • Firefox 90+



    npm i ai.natml.natdevice

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