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ago is a simple function for calculating a timestamp some amount of time ago. (or in the future)

var ago = require("ago")
ago(344) // 344 milliseconds ago, e.g. 1376505400233 
ago(344, "ms") // same as above, default unit is "ms" 
ago(4, "minutes") // four minutes ago 
ago(3, "days") // 3 * 24 hours ago 
ago(1, "quarter") // one quarter (13 weeks) ago 
ago(2, "months") // months are approximate (30.4375 days) 
ago(22, "y") // years are approximate as well (365.25 days) 
console.log(new Date(ago(35.3086, "y")))
// Mon Apr 24 1978 00:06:49 GMT-0800 (PDT) 
// It also exposes a fromNow() function to calculate future times. e.g: 
ago.fromNow(1, "year")
// is just sugar for: 
ago(-1, "year")


ago(number [,unit])

Calculate a millisecond epoch timestamp relative to right now.

  • number: a number (e.g. 1, 20, 0.25)
  • unit: a time unit. Defaults to milliseconds
    • ms, millis, millisecond, milliseconds
    • s, sec, secs, second, seconds
    • m, min, mins, minute, minutes
    • h hr, hrs, hour, hours
    • d, day, days
    • w, wk, wks, week, weeks
    • M, mon, mons, month, months (30.4375 days)
    • q, qtr, qtrs, quarter, quarters
    • y, yr, yrs, year, years (365.25 days)

ago.fromNow(number [,unit])

This is a convenience function for ago(-number, [,unit]) for finding timestamps in the future.