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    Agnitio Command Line Tool

    The Agnitio Command Line Tool is a utility for developers to make it easier to work with Agnitio Accelerator presentations.

    Installing this tool will allow a user to type agnitio [command] from command line.

    It is built using NodeJS and will be published to the official NPM registry.

    Lite version

    The only difference compared to the full version is that the Builder application has been removed.

    This makes it easier to install, especially on Windows. The Builder application is available on the web via Rainmaker Mobilizer.


    You need to have NodeJS installed.


    npm install agnitio-cli-lite -g

    Depending on your NodeJS install you might have to use sudo in front of above command:

    sudo npm install agnitio-cli-lite -g


    Use --help after any command to see description and options for the command.


    Will build and run the current presentation in develop mode. Presentation will be reloaded when source code is updated. Default port opened is 3000 but it can be changed using the --port [port number] option.

    Example: agnitio run


    Will build the current presentation (slide and module files)

    Example: agnitio build


    Will update Accelerator to the latest release.

    Example: agnitio upgrade

    slide [slide_name]

    Will create a new slide. A prompt will be opened guiding you through available options. Slide names with spaces have to be encased in quotation marks (").

    Example: agnitio slide "New slide"

    module [module_id]

    Will create a new module. A prompt will be opened guiding you through available options. Module ids should not have spaces in them. It's recommended to namespace the module.

    Example: agnitio module ag-demo-module


    If you get a Error: listen EADDRINUSE message when running a webserver you can try the following (on MAC/Linux):

    lsof -i :3000 | grep LISTEN (replace port 3000 if you used something else)

    You should get something looking like this:

    node 7440 yourUser 11u IPv6 0x81c7fdf947b4b000 0t0 TCP *:hbci (LISTEN)

    Then kill the process:

    kill -9 7440 (replace the PID 7440 with the result you got from information above)

    If the above doesn't work, or is too daunting then a computer restart should also take care of it. Running the server on a different port with --port 3001 should also work until you restart.


    npm i agnitio-cli-lite

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