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Agnese is an object mapper that allows you to transform an object (or array) into another one with different structure.

The target is to completely remove or a least separate and organize the mapping code from our projects making it easy to maintain. In order to achieve this mission, Agnese makes possible to define the new structure in a JSON/YAML file and using directly there simple conditions and arithmetic operations with Quara, a tiny JavaScript interpreted language.

For more complex needs, you can create your own preprocessors and point to them with different arguments to treat any data you want.

Table of Contents


  • Convert source data to objects, arrays, strings or simple data based on mapping configuration.
  • Read mapping configuration from JSON file.
  • Conditional fields/items powered by Quara*.
  • Array iteration.
  • Possibility of define a default value for a field.
  • Assign values by their paths in source data.
  • Force types and casting.
  • Use of custom functions to preprocess values before assign them.
  • Values from conditional path (switch).
  • YAML optional support.

*Quara is a simple JavaScript interpreted language that will be available soon as a separate module.


Agnese is available as an NPM package:

npm install agnese

If you prefer download it from Github Packages (take a look at the documentation):

npm install @wandeber/agnese

Getting started

We will use the next source data in the examples throughout this document:

const sourceData = {
  name: "Gohan",
  surname: "Son",
  isAlive: true,
  isDeath: false,
  alias: [
    "Great Saiyaman",
    "The Golden Fighter",
    "The Golden Warrior",
    "The Chosen One",
    "Monkey boy"
  characteristics: {
    race: "Human/Saiyan",
    gender: "Male",
    age: "10",
    height: 176.5,
    weight: 61
  transformations: [
      name: "Super Saiyan",
      power: "Uff...",
      level: 1
      name: "Super Saiyan II",
      power: "Ask Cell... (De locos...)",
      level: 2

Simple mapping example:

One of the most awesome things about this module is you can keep all your mapping info in a separate JSON file.

  "type": "Object",
  "fields": [
      "name": "lastname",
      "if": {
        "quara": "surname == \"Son\""
      "value": {
        "fromPath": "surname"
JavaScript code to map from JSON file
let mapper = new Agnese();
let target =;

The variable target will contain the next object:

  lastname: "Son"

Since the code is almost completely common to any case of use, sometimes you will only find the map info or settings in future examples of this document.

While I complete this documentation, I recommend you take a look at the examples used in the unit tests.


Agnese provides JSON schemas that you can use with VSCode to enable autocompletion and validation.


  "$schema": "node_modules/agnese/schema/index.json",
  "value": {
    "type": "Integer",
    "fromPath": "characteristics.age"


You need to install the YAML extension.

# yaml-language-server: $schema=node_modules/agnese/schema/index.json
type: Object
  - name: parent
      default: Son Goku

Easy CSV generation

If you think on CSV as an object with one unique level, you can easily map any data to CSV or other similar structure.


MIT © Bernardo Alemán Siverio


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